10th CADC General Election: no party secured absolute majority

Kamalanagar, April 24, 2018: The 10th CADC General Election held on 20th April 2018 resulted in a hung Council with no single party securing absolute majority. Counting of votes was conducted today. The MNF secured 8 seats, the INC 7 and the BJP 5, out of the 20 seats with election to one being withheld by the Gauhati High Court Aizawl Bench following challenge of the decision of the Returning Officer to declare Kali Kumar Tongchangya, INC candidate of 18-Fultuli constituency winner uncontested. The Returning Officer rejected the nomination of Dg. Samir Tongchangya, MNF candidate of 18-Fultuli on the ground that his seconder was a government servant under CADC.

Candidates were fielded by three parties – INC, BJP and MNF. As many 64 candidates were in the fray for the 19 MDC constituencies.

The result of counting of votes constituency wise is given below:

Sl.No. No. & name of
Name of candidates Pol. Party
1. 1-Borapansury-I Dayal Chandra Chakma INC 282
Hemanta Larma BJP 266
Rasik Mohan Chakma MNF 654 MNF
Suman Chakma INDPT 395
2. 2-Borapansury-II Gyana Sankar Chakma INC 689
Kusum Lota Chakma BJP 802 BJP
Gukul Chandra Chakma MNF 339
3. 3-Chhotapansury Amar Smriti Chakma INC 389
Shanti Jiban Chakma BJP 455 BJP
Suresh Kumar Chakma MNF 417
4. 4-Bajeisora Anil Kanti Chakma BJP 663 BJP
Pulin Bayan Chakma INC 329
Molin Kumar Chakma BJP 581
5. 5-Kamalanagar β€˜N’ Parimal Chakma INC 840
Tarachand Chakma BJP 492
Durjya Dhan Chakma MNF 1004 MNF
6. 6-Kamalanagar β€˜S’ Nirupam Chakma BJP 365
F. Raju Chakma INC 328
H. Amaresh Chakma MNF 431 MNF
7. 7-Kamalanagar β€˜W’ Raja Lakhi Chakma INC 253
Sanjeev Chakma BJP 413 BJP
Dr. BP. Purna Chakma MNF 317
Dinesh Moy Chakma INDPT 224
8. 8-Udalthana Ajoy Kumar Chakma INC 752 INC
Kolombi Chakma BJP 19
Sujan Chakma MNF 723
9. 9-Ugudasury β€˜S’ Bhabentu Chakma BJP 168
Susen Chakma INC 617
Pranab Kumar Chakma MNF 653 MNF
10. 10-Mondirasora Lokhi Dhan Chakma BJP 339
Onish Moy Chakma INC 345 INC
Purnachandra Chakma MNF 189
Amit Bayan Chakma INDPT 331
D. Gyana Ranjan Chakma INDPT 20
Hiran Bijoy Chakma INDPT 20
11. 11-Ajasora Santosh Chakma BJP 478
Taranisen Chakma INC 384
Mohesh Baran Chakma MNF 541 MNF
12. 12-Maniabapsora Sneha Bikash Tongchangya BJP 506
Sushil Kumar Chakma INC 108
Uday Tongchangya MNF 569 MNF
Santosh Bikash Tongchangya INDPT 148
13. 13-Vaseitlang Buddhalila Chakma INC 629 INC
Prassanna Kumar Chakma BJP 6
Kalasoga Chakma MNF 622
14. 14-Longpuighat BP. Amit Bayan Chakma BJP 257
Chitra Kumar Chakma INC 452
Lakhi Dhan Chakma MNF 568 MNF
15. 15-Rengkashya Amit Kumar Chakma INC 611 INC
Prema Ranjan Chakma BJP 437
Santhaw Chakma MNF 141
16. 16-Damdep Adikanta Tongchangya INC 696
Hiranand Tongchangya BJP 740 BJP
Bono Joy Tongchangya MNF 5
17. 17-Jaruldubasora Purnamuni Chakma INC 491
Somoti Ranjan Chakma BJP 42
Lakkhan Chakma MNF 551 MNF
18. 19-Devasora β€˜S’ Bubon Kumar Chakma INC 413 INC
Montu Chakma BJP 300
Subash Bosu Chakma MNF 377
Adi Chandra Chakma INDPT β€”
19. 20-Parva Mohan Chakma INC 813 Β INC
Prityrup Chakma BJP 499
Purna Chandra Chakma MNF 384