Press Releases

Hon’ble Governor visits Kamalanagar, CADC

Kamalanagar, 03 December, 2021: Dr. Hari Babu Kambhampati, Hon’ble Governor of Mizoram was in Kamalanagar, Chakma Autonomous District Council today, his maiden visit to the District Council after assuming office in July this year.

A short cultural programme was arranged in the premises of CADC Rest House, Kamalanagar in honour of His Excellency. The reception program was curtailed with presence of important officials, leaders and NGO representatives only in view of the covid pandemic.

His Excellency speaking called for collective responsibility of all stakeholders in carrying forward the task of development and progress while urging all to take the challenges as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

In making this statement he said that various tools and resources that are at our disposal can be utilized to help the poor, the under privileged and the downtrodden.

He has mentioned various welfare schemes of the Central Government like Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, Atal Pension Yojana, etc. whose benefits he said are to be ensured for the targeted people by the government officials while calling for awareness of all such welfare schemes among the people.

The Constitutional responsibility bestowed upon him by the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution as a Governor in respect of the Autonomous District Councils he said shall give him opportunity to work for welfare of the area and its people to the best of his ability.

Earlier, the Hon’ble CEM, CADC Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma in his welcome speech expressed hope in the keen interest and concern of His Excellency for this area which is conspicuous from his visit within such a short time of assuming office.

Later, His Excellency had an interactive session with the various officials of offices of state government and CADC. Power point presentations were presented on profile of Chawngte Sub-Division and security scenario of Chawngte Sub-Division. During the interaction the Hon’ble Governor has shown keen interest in the implementation of PMGSY schemes, schemes for electrification of all villages, schemes for supply of water connection in every village and creation of awareness by the banks operating here for Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana. The line department officials present were made to explain poor progress of works particularly roads under PMGSY.

Political leaders and NGO representatives also met His Excellency. His Excellency also visited the only Community Health Centre within CADC before leaving for Aizawl.

Dg. Lakhi Dhan Chakma, MDC elected as the new Deputy Chairman

Kamalanagar, 16 November, 2021: Dg. Lakhi Dhan Chakma, Member of District Council, Chakma Autonomous District Council was elected today as the new Deputy Chairman in an election held today in the CADC Session Hall. He was the lone contestant to file nomination for the post and was declared elected uncontested.

The post of the Deputy Chairman has been lying vacant since Dg. Anil Kanti Chakma, MDC resigned from the post on 4/10/2021.

Dg. Lakhi Dhan Chakma was elected to the 10th Chakma Autonomous District Council from 14-Longpuighat MDC constituency.

The Chairman before dismissing the Session read out the notification of the Governor dated 1st October 2021 setting aside the order of the Chairman, CADC issued on 20th September, 2021 to disqualify Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, then an MDC, now the Chief Executive Member, CADC for a period of 5 years while expressing deep regret for the action so taken without any merit and offered apology for the unnecessary harm so caused. He has attributed the cause for such an unwarranted move to a situation triggered by the then political crisis.

CADC Brick factory inaugurated

Kamalanagar, 15 November, 2021: The Brick Factory set up at Udalthana-I by Industry Department of Chakma Autonomous District Council was inaugurated today by Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, Chief Executive Member, CADC in the presence of his colleague Executive Members, MDCs, CADC officials and village council leaders of Udalthana-I and Udalthana-II. Dg. Lakkhan Chakma, EM, CADC and Dg. Onish Moy Chakma, EM, CADC graced the occasion as guest of honour.

The brick kiln constructed at an estimated cost of Rs.70,16,500/-, funded out of additional Grant-in-Aid Fund, 2019-2020 has a capacity to produce about 5 lakhs of bricks in one go per month. It has a 98 feet high chimney. Kneading of soil and casting of bricks is being done by a machine bought at a cost of about Rs.10 lakhs which has a production rate of 18 bricks per minute.

The completion of the brick kiln has been delayed by about a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma hailed the setting up of the brick factory a milestone achievement for CADC with revenue generation capacity of not less than Rs.1 crore per year beside providing opportunities for employment. While stating it as CADC’s first venture in small scale industry he made a point that government job cannot address unemployment crisis but setting up industries and skilling people can.

“We have plan to supply bricks to other parts of Mizoram in the coming days”, he said with euphoria.

“The bricks locally available now are of sub-standard quality and the setting up of the brick kiln is to produce quality bricks at affordable rate”, he said.

“Problem of bad road condition within CADC can be a thing of the past with sufficient production of bricks as we will seek to address it by brick soling the road surface”.

Dg. Lakkhan Chakma, Executive Member, CADC who have had held the Industry Department till recently and during whose stint most of the works of the project were completed, while taking pride in the successful completion of the project appreciated the hard work put by all in the Industry Department especially Dg. Hriday Chakma, the District Industry Officer. However, he cautioned that more than setting up an asset what is more important is its management. He reposed hope and confidence in his colleague Dg. Onish Moy Chakma, EM who have succeeded him being in-charge of the department now.

Newly appointed Executive Members of CADC take oath of office

Kamalanagar, 10 November, 2021: Seven Members of Chakma Autonomous District Council appointed as Executive Member of the new Executive Committee headed by Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, Chief Executive Member, CADC were sworn-in today in a function organized in the Art & Culture Hall of CADC, Kamalanagar.

The seven MDCs sworn-in are Dg. H. Amaresh Chakma of 6-Kamalanagar South MDC Constituency, Dg. Amit Kumar Chakma of 15-Rengkashya MDC Constituency, Dg. Lakkhan Chakma of 17-Jaruldubosora MDC Constituency, Dg. Ajoy Kumar Chakma of 8-Udalthana MDC Constituency, Dg. Onish Moy Chakma of 10-Mandirasora MDC Constituency, Dg. Charan Singh Chakma of 9-Ugudasury South MDC Constituency and Dgb. Kusum Lota Chakma of 2-Borapansury-II MDC Constituency.

Newly sworn-in members of the Executive Committee

The previous Executive Committee headed by Dg. Durjya Dhan Chakma was rendered dissolved upon his resignation from the office of Chief Executive Member on 03/10/2021 which necessitated the reconstitution of the Executive Committee afresh. On the same day itself Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma after being elected the new leader of the CADC MNF Legislature Party staked claimed to be appointed as CEM of CADC. He assumed office on 14/10/2021 and recommended the names of the seven MDCs for induction in the new Executive Committee.

The CEM speaking in the swearing-in ceremony hailed that MNF government in CADC to be embodiment of achievement, development, good governance and rule of law while assuring to upheld these practices under his leadership.

He further added that the MNF government in CADC had never compromised the interest of the people and that of CADC. “The past track record of the party is testimony of my claim”, he asserted.

The CEM in urging his colleague Members to dedicate their service for the welfare of the people he recalled Gandhi’s thought –“Whenever you are in doubt, or when the self becomes too much, recall the face of the poorest and the weakest man/woman whom you may have seen, and ask yourself, if the step you contemplate is going to be of any use to him/her. Will it lead to Swaraj for the hungry and spiritually starving millions?”.

Education Officers of Primary School Education and Middle School Education take a day long tour to see reopening of schools in CADC

Kamalanagar, 09 November, 2021: Dg. Durjoy Chakma, Education Officer, Middle School Education and Dg. Gana Chandra Chakma, Education Officer, Primary School Education today took a day long tour to visit schools along the Toijong valley to oversee and ensure reopening of schools after a prolong gap of closure due to the pandemic which lasted for more than one and half years.

The pandemic has cost the loss of one complete academic year (2020-2021) for a whole generation of students and we are already into half of the current academic year with schools shut down. Online classes though ordered a few months back were a setback in the backdrop of poor network quality and coverage within CADC. Besides, majority of the guardians could not afford mobile phone for their wards.

Schools have been allowed to open just recently from 3rd of this month in Chakma Autonomous District Council after a series of meeting with all stake holders. To this effect a notification was issued by Education Departments, CADC with advisories to be adhered to, by the schools in view of the Covid-19 pandemic. This has been made possible with the district authority issuing a general notification outlining conditions for reopening of schools within the district.

Today, the two officers met the students and the teachers on duty. Teachers still not reporting for duty were sought. Problems and issues were discussed. Response of students and rate of student turn out were assessed. Availability of text books was enquired and teachers have been requested to submit requirement at the earliest.

The teachers were also urged to cooperate with the appointees engaged for the National Achievement Survey of Ministry of Education scheduled on 12th of this month to assess the learning achievement of children.

Schools under construction funded by NEC encountered along the way were also inspected and work progress was assessed.

CEM, CADC visits Chawngte Rural Drinking Water Supply Project site to see work being started

Kamalanagar, 04 November, 2021: Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, Chief Executive Member, Chakma Autonomous District Council accompanied by Dg. Bindulal A. Chakma, JE, PHED today visited the Chawngte Rural Drinking Water Supply Scheme at Sadarachuk, about 2 km from Kamalanagar proper, to see work being started.

The project at a cost of Rs.9 Crore is an outcome of consistent effort of the present authority of CADC under the leadership of Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma.

The water crisis of Kamalanagar town area, headquarters of CADC, has grown over the years due to increase in population of the town. The present capacity of the PHED fall short by far to meet the daily water requirement of the residents of the town with a population of more than 15,000. Despite many areas of the town still to be covered with water pipe connection this is the situation. Presently, in the lean season a household gets water once in about a month.

With the completion of the project the crisis for potable water for the residents of Kamalanagar town including Chawngte area would be a thing of the past. It is expected to be completed by next year and will have a capacity to cater to a population of 28,152. The installation will have a capacity to produce 10,20,000 litres of water per day. Water will be sourced from river Toijong which will involve construction of a water infiltration gallery below the river bed from which water will be pumped to the water treatment plant for purification. The project also includes free water connection for the uncovered area Kamalanagar and Chawngte area.

Deputy Commissioner held meeting at Kamalanagar on Covid Vaccination

Kamalanagar, 14 October, 2021: Dr. Andrew H. Vanlaldika, Deputy Commissioner, Lawngtlai District today held a meeting on enhancing the rate of Covid Vaccination within CADC area which was attended by Dr. Rinisha Chakma, Medical Officer, Chawngte CHC, Dr. Ujana Chakma, Medical Officer, Chawngte CHC, Pu C. Lalhruaitluanga, DIPRO, Lawngtlai, Shri Rattan Kumar, SDPO, Chawngte, Dg. Prabin Chakma, IPRO, CADC, Dr. Jyotir Moy Chakma, President, CYCA, Dgb. Monika Chakma, President, CMS, Dg. Chitta Ranjan Chakma, Secretary, MBA and Pu HC Vanlalruatpuia, President, CYLA.

The Deputy Commissioner addressing the meeting reported that the rate of vaccination against Covid is the lowest in Lawngtlai District of all the districts in Mizoram. He has expressed concern for the low rate of vaccination in the district especially Chawngte sub-division and enquired the reason from the members attending the meeting.

Though hesitation to take the vaccine in the initial phases was partly attributed to the low rate of vaccination, the difficulty to access remote areas due to the monsoon has been considered the main cause. The medical department expressed hope to improve the rate with gain of accessibility as the winter approaches and roads are restored.

The DC sought the cooperation of all especially of the NGOs for enhancing the vaccination rate and he has assured of all possible helps from his end for the purpose. He has urged the NGOs to prepare awareness video clips in local language in cooperation with the medical officer of Chawngte, CHC.

As per report presented by Dr. Rinisha Chakma 68% of the target population has been vaccinated with the 1st dose while only 6-7 thousand of the target population (under the jurisdiction of Chawngte CHC covering northern half of CADC including Chawngte-P, Chawngte-L, Hmunlai, Rualalung, Lungrang, Zehteh & Sumsilui) have completed the 2nd dose.

Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma becomes the new CEM of CADC for a second time of this term of 10th CADC

Kamalanagar, 14 October, 2021: Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, MDC who was appointed as the new Chief Executive Member of Chakma Autonomous District Council with effect from 09.10.2021 was sworn-in today in a function organized in the CADC Art & Culture Hall, Kamalanagar attended by MDCs, CADC officials, village council and NGO leaders.

The Oath of Affirmation and Oath of office and secrecy was administered by Dr. Andrew H. Vanlaldika, Deputy Commissioner, Lawngtlai District who arrived today from Lawngtlai for the purpose.

Dangu Rasik Mohan Chakma being administered the oath of office by Dr. Andrew H. Vanlaldika, DC, Lawngtlai

For Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma this is his second time to be appointed as CEM of CADC during this term of 10th CADC in taking over from Dg. Durjya Dhan Chakma, MDC who resigned from the post of CEM, CADC in the first week of this month.

He has expressed thanks to his colleague MDCs in reposing their confidence in him once again to lead the administration of CADC.

He has hailed the present District Council with all the 20 Members belonging to the MNF party as unprecedented achievement and termed it as opposition-free government.

Speaking on the occasion he lamented the political affairs of CADC, of the last one month as a blot in the history of CADC which had witnessed outrageous arbitrary abuse of power disqualifying Members with absolute disregard of the rules while adding and assuring all present on the occasion that under his leadership he shall not allow ‘the guardian/potector of the rule book to become the violator’.

In the second year of this term, in January 2019, Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma took over from Dg. Shanti Jiban Chakma as CEM, CADC when the former proved his majority in a Trust Vote conducted by the Deputy Commissioner, Lawngtlai at the behest of the Governor. After about two years, in April, 2021, Dg. Durjyo Dhan Chakma, MDC took over from Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma following the later resigning from the post. Dg. Durjyo Dhan Chakma remained in office for about six months to replace him again by Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma.

CADC Monsoon Session 2021 held peacefully

Kamalanagar, 04 October, 2021: The Chakma Autonomous District Council Monsoon Session initially scheduled on 20th August 2021 and later deferred circumstantially was held today peacefully in the backdrop of a political crisis that has been brewing for the last one and half month.

The political crisis has taken a new development with the resignation of Dg. Durjya Dhan Chakma yesterday from the office of Chief Executive Member, CADC. He has been in office for about six months having assumed the office of CEM on 6th April, 2021 after Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma resigned from the post.

With the resignation of Dg. Durjya Dhan Chakma, CEM, CADC the Executive Committee, CADC was rendered dissolved and hence, todays Session was held without transaction of any business in the absence of an Executive Committee. The new development requires that a new Executive Committee is formed at the earliest.

The chairman addressing the Session today informed the members that Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, MDC has been elected yesterday as the new Leader of the CADC MNF Legislature Party.

Rule 22(2) of the CADC (Constitution and Conduct of Business, etc.) Rule, 2002 has it that the leader of the largest legislature party having majority of MDCs shall be appointed as the CEM, CADC.