Other Office Bearers of the Legislature

The following Members of the District Council (MDCs) are responsible for the smooth functioning of the Legislature of the Chakma Autonomous District Council. The Chairman and Deputy Chairman are elected by the house through majority vote while the Deputy Chief Whip is nominated by the Executive Committee to carry out its business in the legislature.

Deputy Chairman, CADC

The Deputy Chairman performs the functions of the Chairman in the absence of the Chairman. In the Chairman’s absence, he chairs the session on legislature and is entrusted with all the powers and functions thereof. He is also elected from among the councillors by the house.

Sundor Muni Chakma
Sundor Muni Chakma
Deputy Chairman

Deputy Chief Whip, CADC

The Deputy Chief Whip primarily ensures cohesion between the executive and legislative branches of Chakma Autonomous District Council. He ensures the passage of the Executive Committee’s business in the legislature. He is member of the District Council and is nominated by the Executive to carry out its business in the house.