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Six Executive Members of CADC resigned; two accepted

Kamalanagar, October 5, 2018: Dg Shanti Jiban Chakma, Chief Executive Member, Chakma Autonomous District Council accepted the resignation of two Executive Members namely Dg. Buban Kumar Chakma and Dg. Hiranand Tongchangya who along with four other Executive Members tendered their resignation to the CEM on 3rd October 2018.

The other Executive Members who have tendered resignation are Dg. Onish Moy Chakma, Dg. Mohan Chakma, Dg. Anil Kanti Chakma and Dg. Sanjeev Chakma. Their resignations were not accepted and a notification has been issued to continue with their offices as Executive Member.

CADC Monsoon Session (2018) concludes

Kamalanagar, September 17, 2018: The second sitting of CADC’s Monsoon Session held today passed four official resolutions moved in the first sitting held on 14/9/2018 while withdrawing two out of a total of six.

The resolutions that were passed are declaration of Barapansury and Longpuighat as town, making provision for an honorarium of Rs.20,000/- for the members of Town Planning Committee, establishment of Village and Town Police within CADC and filling up of vacant posts and creation and filling up of new posts under Primary and Middle School Education.

The mover of the resolutions, renaming of Chawngte Civil Sub-division and creation of Barapansury RD Block and Longpuighat RD Block, Dg. Hiranand Tongchangya withdrew the resolutions by seeking leave of the Council which was granted by vote.

Dg. Durjya Dhan Chakma, MDC of the opposition bench availing Rule 46 of the CADC CCB Rule 2002 for personal explanation brought before the Council the matter of transfer and posting of teachers in the mid-term of the current academic session. He further informed the council about some instances of discrepancies in observing formalities with form of recommendation for old age pension.

CADC sits for the Monsoon Session

Kamalanagar, September 14, 2018: The first sitting of the Monsoon Session of the 10th Chakma Autonomous District Council started today with obituary in honour of Dg. Pranab Kumar Chakma, MDC who expired on 19th July followed by the introduction of Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya, MDC, being his first Session and introduction of Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma as Leader of the opposition having been appointed recently by His Excellency the Governor of Mizoram.

The sitting witnessed six official resolutions moved by Dg. Hiranand Tongchangya, E.M, Dg. Anil Kanti Chakma, E.M and Dg. Onish Moy Chakma, E.M. The official resolution moved by Dg. Hiranand Tongchangya, Executive Member i/c Agriculture sought to declare the sub-headquarters, Barapansury and Longpuighat as towns. He stated that they deserve to be declared as towns and urged the need for availability of urban services like banks, etc. In the same resolution, he also sought to rename the Chawngte Civil Sub-Division as “Kamalanagar Civil Sub-Division”, Chawngte RD Block as “Kamalanagar RD Block” and creation of two new RD Blocks within CADC namely “Barapansury RD Block” and “Longpuighat RD Block”. The resolution also sought to make provision for an honorarium of Rs.20,000/- per month to the Members of the Kamalanagar Town Planning Committee. While justifying for renaming the CADC headquarters and the RD block within CADC he cited examples of headquarters and RD blocks named after the places where their offices are located.

Dg. Anil Kanti Chakma, Executive Member, i/c Local Administration moved a resolution for the establishment of Village or Town Police within CADC area. While justifying the resolution he stated that the service of the said police will be useful in causing compliance to the summon of the Village council courts and in maintaining orders in the bazaars.

Dg. Onish Moy Chakma, Executive Member, i/c Middle School Education moved a resolution seeking to fill up vacant posts of officers, staff and teachers under Middle and Primary School Education. Besides, it further sought to create and fill up new posts under the said departments.

The Session was adjourned till next Monday. The three official resolutions will be discussed and voted in the next sitting.

Independence Day celebrated at Kamalanagar

Kamalanagar, August 15, 2018: The 72nd Independence Day of India was celebrated at Kamalanagar in presence of a huge turnout of onlookers. Pu T.T. Zothangsanga, MLA, Mizoram who came down from Aizawl a day earlier, graced the ceremonial function held at the Kamalanagar playground as chief guest and did the honour of unfurling the National Flag to the chorus of the National Anthem performed by the Chakma Mahila Samiti.
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Pranab Kumar Chakma, MDC, CADC dies of cardiac arrest

Pranab Kumar Chakma

Pranab Kumar Chakma

Kamalanagar, July 19, 2018: In a tragic incident, veteran political leader, Dg. Pranab Kumar Chakma, Member of District Council, Chakma Autonomous District Council died of cardiac arrest last night at about 12:15 am. He was 58 years. Family members confirmed that he was all fine and had no health related issues.

He was elected MDC for the fourth time from Ugudasury ‘S’ MDC Constituency in the recently held 10th CADC General Election, sponsored by the MNF party.

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Stay order on declaration of Kali Kumar Tongchangya as MDC uncontested vacated and writ petition dismissed; oath administered as MDC

Kamalanagar, June 26, 2018: In a new development Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya who was declared MDC uncontested by the Returning Officer of the CADC General Election’ 2018 held in the month of April and subsequently stayed by the Guwahati High Court, Aizawl Bench took oath as MDC today following vacation of its interim order and dismissal of the writ petition against the declaration of the Returning Officer.

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CEM visits schools in and around Kamalanagar town area

Kamalanagar, May 25, 2018: In a two day tour programme on May 24 and 25, the new CEM, CADC Dg. Shanti Jiban Chakma in keeping with his pledge to make school education a priority of his government visited most of the schools in and around Kamalanagar town area.
He was accompanied by Dg. Onish Moy Chakma, E/M i/c Middle School Education, Dg. Sanjiv Chakma, E/M i/c Primary School Education and Dg. Gana Chandra Chakma, Education Officer.

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CADC Budget 2018-19 passed

Kamalanagar, May 21, 2018: The CADC Budget for the fiscal year 2018-19 for an amount of Rs.86.5916 Crores which was tabled on May 17, was discussed and passed today by 17 Members voting in favour while one Member (of the MNF party) voting against.

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CADC Budget 2018 presented; Discussion and voting on May 21, 2018

Kamalanagar, May 17, 2018: Dg. Shati Jiban Chakma, CEM, CADC presented the first Budget of 10th Chakma Autonomous District Council for the fiscal year 2018-19 in the second sitting of the CADC Budget Session which started on May 14. The budget will be discussed and voted on May 21, in the final sitting of the Budget Session while giving the Members time to study it. Continue reading