Departments Overview

On the basis of the powers conferred under the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of india, various Departments have been created on the basis of the subjects entrusted with the Council from time to time through various government orders. So far, 29 departments have been created to administer the council. They are:

  1. Legislative Department
  2. General Administration and Control Department
  3. Finance and Accounts Department
  4. Education and Human Resource Department (Primary)
  5. Education and Human Resource Department (Middle)
  6. Land Revenue and Settlement Department
  7. Forest and Environment Department
  8. Planning and Development Department
  9. Public Works Department
  10. Law and Judicial Department
  11. Art & Culture Department
  12. Sports & Youth Services Department
  13. Rural Development Department
  14. Social Welfare Department
  15. Agriculture Department
  16. Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Department
  17. Horticulture Department
  18. Sericulture Department
  19. Fishery Department
  20. Road & Transport Department
  21. Public Health Engineering Department
  22. Industry Department
  23. Soil and Water Conservation Department
  24. Cooperation Department
  25. Taxation Department
  26. Information & Public Relations Department
  27. Water Ways Department
  28. Adult Education Department
  29. Relief & Rehabilitation Department

A very recent Government Notification (during 2011) enhanced the powers of the existing Department with inclusion of some new departments like Minor Irrigation Department and Urban Development and poverty Alleviation Department. The order also made reference to withdraw all activities by all concerned departments of the State Government in respect of the functions so entrusted and to retain only some skeleton staff for the purpose of statistical requirements and coordination.

Department-wise staff and projects list.