CADC Budget (2024-2025) presented in the Second sitting of Budget Session

Kamalanagar, 10th April, 2024: In the second sitting of the ongoing Budget Session of the 11th Chakma Autonomous District Council held today, the house leader and Chief Executive Member, Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, presented the second Budget of the 11th Chakma Autonomous District Council for the fiscal year 2024-2025. The budget will be discussed and voted on April 16th, 2024.

The Supplementary Demand for Grants, 2023-24 & Re-appropriation of Local Receipts Fund, 2022-23 and Demand for Grants, 2023-24 (Budget Estimate) has been presented before the house for the discussion and approval of the members. The Supplementary Demand for Grants for the fiscal year 2023-24 is for an amount of Rs. 2656.86 lakhs against salary under Normal Grants-in-Aid.

The Local Receipts for the fiscal year 2023-2024 was for an amount of 147.24 lakhs against a target of Rs. 159.75 lakhs. The CEM attributed the shortfall of Rs.12.51 lakhs to the non-production of bricks, meagre collection of fees from markets, poor receipt of rent from buildings. He asserted that much emphasis shall be given to fulfil the budgetary target of revenue collection for this fiscal year. Therefore, he proposed the Accounts on the Expenditure of Local Receipts for the fiscal year 2023-24 to be re-appropriated and presented department-wise for information and approval of the house.

The house leader in his speech informed that unlike the budgetary allocation of previous financial years, this year the State government has not specified Salary and Non-Salary separately, other than Village Council Remuneration which is 67.36 lakhs against the salary head and Rs.77.98 lakhs against the non-salary head.  The salary requirement and normal Grants-in-Aid is estimated to be Rs.19793.49 lakhs. The Account of Receipts and Expenditure shows a deficit of Rs.5418 lakhs, which he said is expected to be covered up with supplementary demands for grants from the State government. He expressed optimism that the state government will allocate the required fund in due course of time.

He also highlighted some notable achievements accomplished by the CADC during the fiscal year 2023-24 despite acute financial constraints, such as constructions of Revenue Circle offices, installations of Integrated Land Records Management System, Publication of text books on moral education, publication of Changmha text books for Classes-I to VIII, CADC calendars and Choice of the people charts, repairing of school buildings, purchase and distributions of text books, school uniforms to pre-primary students, conduct of common examination for classes-IV and Class-VIII, financial assistance to piggery, poultry, duckery, goat rearing, cattle farming to 666 families under Normal Grants-in-Aid. In concluding his Budget Speech, the house leader thanked all the members of the house and presented the Supplementary Demand for Grants, 2023-24 & Reappropriation of Local Receipts Fund, 2023-24 and Demands for Grants, (Budget Estimate), 2024-2025 before the house for consideration and approval. With no other businesses remaining to be transacted, the sitting was adjourned.