CADC Full Budget, 2017-18 Passed

Kamalanagar, 22 March 2017: Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya, CEM, CADC presented the full Budget Estimates for the financial year 2017-18 in the third sitting of the Session held on 20th March 2017 for an earmarked allocation of Rs.2001.67 lakh under state planning and Rs5373.90 lakh under Mizoram Finace Commission (MFC) Grants.

Besides, Rs.141.82 lakh was earmarked as Village Council Remuneration under MFC Grants. The Budget was passed on fourth sitting held on 23/3/2017.

The salary component of the said earmarked fund is Rs.1819.67 lakh under state planning, Rs.5025.64 lakh under MFC and Rs.63.84 lakh under MFC Award Grant fund while the non-salary component consists of Rs.182.00 lakh, Rs.348.26 lakh and Rs.77.98 lakh respectively. The non-salary components which is only 8.09% shall go to manage administrative costs and to take up some developmental works.

The Budget also projected an estimated receipts of Rs.119.13 lakh being local revenues from various sources with which it hopes to take up works like procurement & distribution of fish seeds, purchase of boat for CADC lake, construction of pedestral around CADC lake and quarters, construction of water reservoir at the site of Mineral water plant, publication of CADC Diary, purchase of recovery boat, etc.
Payment of salaries for all the 12 months will be managed with the allocated amounts. The deficit against salary of the outgoing fiscal year amounting to Rs.73.33 lakh and Rs.510.09 lakh under Plan and Non-plan sectors will be carried over and shall be met up with additional fund from the state government.

The Supplementary Demand for grants 2016 โ€“17 and Re-appropriation of Local Receipt Fund, 2016-17 was also presented. Under Supplementary Demand for Grants Rs.39.00 lakh against RKVY scheme is received to take up developmental works in Agriculture & Horticulture.

CADC Budget 2017-18 at a Glance:

Receipt Heads:

A.ย Normal Grant-in-Aid (in Lakh): Salary Non-salary Total
1. State Planning (Plan) 1819.67 182 2001.67
2. Mizoram Finance Commission (MFC) Grants (Non-Plan) 5025.64 348.26 5373.9
3. MFC Award Grants for V/C Remn.63.84 77.98 141.82
Total: 6909.15 608.24 7517.39
B. Local Revenues:
4. Local Receipt 119.13 119.13
Grand Total (A+B) 6909.15 727.37 7636.52

Expenditure Heads:

A.ย Normal Grant-in-aid: Salary Non-salary Total
1. State Planning (Plan) 1893 182 2075
2. MFC Grants (Non-Plan) 5535.73 348.26 5883.99
3. MFC Award Grants for V/C Remn.63.84 77.98 141.82
Total: 7492.57 608.24 8100.81
B. Local Revenues:
4. Local receipt 119.13 119.13
Grand Total (A+B) 7492.57 727.37 8219.94

Net Balance

= Receipts (-) Expenditure

7636.52 โ€” 8219.94 = – 583.42 (deficit)
Break up of the deficit:
(a)ย Plan : Rs.(1819.67-1893.00) = Rs.โ€“ 73.33 Lakh
(b)ย Non-plan : Rs.(5025.64-5535.73) = Rs.- 510.09 Lakh

Highlight of the Budget 2017-18:

Installation of Transformer at new Secretariat., Electrification and water supply connection to New Secretariat, Purchase of furniture for New Secretariat and schools, Supply of stationery to schools., Extension/Renovation of school buildings, conduct of Merit scholarship exam and payment of scholarship & cash award, conduct of examination for adult learners, publication of Changma grammer, printing & supply of common question for class-I to Class-VIII, purchase and distribution of sports materials to sporting clubs, financial assistance to fish, piggery & poultry farmers, CADC trophy, printing of Changma text books, publication of calendar, renovation of ARO office buildings, MDC LAD fund(Rs.50 lakh), etc.