Route and Fare For Kamalanagar Town Bus Service Declared

Route Map of Kamalanagar Town Bus Service

Route Map of Kamalanagar Town Bus Service

Kamalanagar, 14 June 2016: In a meeting with all the local NGOs including that of Chawngte L and Chawngte P, town area VCPs, SDO, (Civil), Chawngte and OC, Police Station, Chawngte in the office chamber of CEM, CADC the route and the fare for the Kamalanagar town bus service were fixed. The meeting was chaired by Dangu Kali Kumar Tongchangya, CEM, CADC. CADC has procured two buses for providing passenger service within Kamalanagar town and adjacent villages.

One of the bus, ’Radhamon’ will take the route starting from Chawngte L and pass through Chawngte P, Kamalanagar Bazaar, Kamalanagar-III to Kamalanagar-IV Bazaar shed; while another bus will start from Kamalanagar Bazaar and pass through Kamalanagar College, Kamalanagar-II, SDO Office traffic point to new Kamalanagar College Building at Arati Nagar.
The bus stoppage points selected are Chawngte L(Baptist church), Chawngte P ( MNE tea stall), Kamalanagar Bazaar, Kamalanagar-III traffic point (N.D. Variety store), Traffic point (hospital road junction), Chawngte Hospital, Sugo Mandir junction, RCM school, Kamalanagar College, Legislative Office, Fire Brigade point, SDO Office traffic point/Randakpur road junction and new Kamalanagr College building (Aratinagar).

The fare has been fixed at Rs.10 for the first three stands including the one where a passenger boards. For the next two stands one will have to pay an extra Rs.5. Rs.20 will be charged from those who will continue to take a ride beyond 5 stands. Students going to school in uniform will be charged a discounted fare of Rs.5 only while student going to college will have to pay Rs.10 only on production of College ID card during college hours.

The Bus service will start as soon as the permission and registration is done.