CADC Session On Day-3

Kamalanagar, August 01:  Chakma Autonomous District Council Monsoon Session continued into its Day-3.

The day has seen the laying of Gazette notified Rules of “The Chakma Autonomous District Council (Constitution, Conduct of Business etc.) (Amendment) Rules, 2011” and “The Chakma Autonomous District Council (Village Councils) (Amendment) Act, 2011”.


Shri Purna Muni Chakma, Deputy Chairman, CADC and Chairman of the Audit Committee to review the Report of C&AG of India for the financial years 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 in respect of Chakma Autonomous District Council, placed his Report before the house for discussion. The Report of C&AG of India stated the absence of internal audit mechanism in CADC, although Rule 144 of the Mizoram Autonomous District Council Fund Rules, 1996 requires the CADC to introduce a suitable system for internal audit within the Council with approval of the Governor and in consultation with the State Accountant General.  While accepting the statement, the Report of the Audit Committee, CADC urged the Executive Committee, CADC to undertake necessary action to introduce appropriate internal control mechanism and internal audit to ensure prudent financial management, checks on financial irregularities and to provide assurance to the management about the protection of assets and reliability of information.

The Report of the C&AG of India also stated about the engagement of huge number of staff by CADC without the existence of approved staffing pattern. The report laid by the Audit Committee, CADC while accepting the fact of the absence of any staffing pattern, stated that the Executive Committee, CADC has already acted upon the anomaly and submitted the Staffing Pattern of the District Council for approval of the State Government early this year.

The Session was adjourned till tomorrow after the Report of the Audit Committee, CADC got passed unanimously.