CADC Budget Session – Day-2

Kamalanagar, July 31:Chakma Autonomous District Council’s Monsoon Session continued into its second day. The day was devoted to a single agenda of moving the bill of Chakma Autonomous District Council (Constitution and Conduct of Business, etc.,) (Amendment) Rules, 2012.


Earlier, in the Summer Session the same amendment bill was moved by the Hon’ble Chief Executive Member, CADC for consideration in the House. It was then felt after prolong discussion, that it should be referred to a three member Select Committee for further study and accordingly a Committee was formed for the purpose, comprising of members from both the political groups.

As scheduled the report of the Select Committee was tabled on the floor of the House for consideration. Almost all the recommendations of the Select Committee were agreed upon save an amendment pertaining to Rule 12(5)(a) seeking to remove the provision of disqualification of a member of District Council on the ground of defection from the mother political party. Finally the bill was passed on majority vote excluding the contentious portion.

If the bill gets the assent of His Excellency, the Governor of Mizoram the superintendence, direction and control of the preparation of Electoral rolls for, and the conduct of Election to the District Council shall get vested in the State Election Commission. So far, since 1972, elections to the District Council were executed in the name of the Governor and the State Election Commission has had no roles.

The bill also seeks to introduce the use of electronic voting machine from the next MDC general Election by replacing the age old mode of ballot paper system of voting. By ushering in the use of technology in the electioneering process many of the election related discrepancies and disputes which are incidental to the process, shall be taken care of. It will ensure a freer and fair election in the District Council from now onwards.