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Opening ceremony of CADC Trophy held; matches postponed to 25th March

Kamalanagar, February 16, 2018: The CADC Trophy Football Tournament which was scheduled to kick off from 15th March was postponed to 25th March while considering a petition submitted by Central MCSU that the tournament would disturb the students appearing the ongoing HSLC board examination. Dg. Rajiv Kumar Chakma, Sport Promotion Officer speaking during the opening ceremony of the tournament held today at the Kamalanagar Football playground informed that the matches of the tournament will be played from 25th March. Continue reading

CADC Football Trophy Kicked Off

Kamalanagar, 3 Dec. 2016: The first ever CADC Trophy got kicked off today at the Kamalanagar playground with 22 teams from different villages of CADC taking part in the tournament. Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya, CEM, CADC and Dg. Amarsmriti Chakma, EM, CADC sanctified the event by lighting the traditional lamps before the start of the first match between Kamalanagar-II and Adubangasora.
The tournament will be played for 21 days and the final match will be played on 27/12/2016. Rs.5.5 Lakh has been set aside in the Budget for conducting the CADC Trophy.

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CADC Trophy coming up

Kamalanagar Nov 19, 2017: CADC Trophy (Football Tournament) will be played from 3 December 2016 at Kamalanagar playground organised by Sports and Youth Services Department, CADC. Each village council under CADC will be allowed to field a team. All teams will be required to arrange their flag, banner, jerseys and football boots at their own expenses. Players will have to produce residential certificate from their concerned VCP as proof of their domicile. Rs.1000 will be required to be deposited as security deposit at the time of submission of team. The forms are available with the concerned department. The last date of submission of team is 28/11/2016 and tie-draw will be held on 28/11/2016.

CADC Executed The Agreement Signed With The NGOs; NGOs Protest Is Politically Motivated

Kamalanagar, 29 September 2016: The procession taken out on 27/9/2016 by the Joint NGOs comprising of Young Chakma Association and Mizoram Chakma Student Union against alleged non-fulfillment of the agreement signed between the NGOs and CADC authority is purely motivated by political interest.

CADC has executed the agreement fully. All the appointments except one as per the agreement signed between the Joint NGOs (YCA and MCSU(C)) have been terminated. The one whose service has not been terminated was found to be not falling within the period of appointments that the NGOs made their demand for termination. Continue reading

National Handloom Day Observed In CADC

Kamalanagar 8 August, 2016: The 7th August declared by Sri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India as the National Handloom Day last year at the 110th Anniversary of Swadeshi Movement was observed today by CADC at Kamalanagar. Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya, CEM, CADC graced the programme organised by Industry Department, CADC as its Chief Guest.

The Day was celebrated nationally on 7th August. Mizoram observed the Day on 8th a day after. This is for the first time the Day have been observed after its first announcement. The 7th day of August have been particularly appointed to mark the Swadeshi Movement which was formally proclaimed on the same day in the year 1905 in protest against the British colonial rule of India which involved boycotting of British products and the revival of domestic products and processes. Continue reading

CADC Authority and NGOs Reached A Consensus On The Various Demand Being Made By the NGOs

Kamalanagar, 14 July 2016: The CADC authority and the NGOs finally clinched a consensus over the various demands the NGOs (YCA and MCSU) have been pressing the CADC government to accede to.

Consensus was reached only after two meetings held for two consecutive days from 14/7/2016. The first meeting did not yield much of any significance. The NGOs submitted a new petition following the first meeting with the following set of demands to be fulfilled on or before 17/7/2016: Continue reading

Chakma Council Dismisses The Apprehension Of MCSU and YCA

Kamalanagar, 10 July, 2016: Chakma Autonomous District Council dismisses the apprehension expressed by Mizoram Chakma Student Union and Young Chakma Association for having made about 40 appointments on contractual and MR basis as published in the Vanglaini (Issue dated 9/7/2016).

All the appointments so made so far are either on master roll or contractual basis. Making appointment on contractual and master roll basis, from time to time, according to needs, is a normal practice of any government. Such appointments are very temporary in nature and are done for time being. For instance some 11 persons have been engaged on master roll basis as sweepers for a pay of Rs.3000/- per month to maintain cleanliness of Kamalanagar town. 2 persons have been engaged on MR fixed basis in the ITI and Dawchuni cum Mineral water plant. Labourers under PWD are engaged from time to on the basis of requirement for a specific time period as and when there are civil works. The concerns of the NGOs are all unfounded. Continue reading