Kamalanagar-III bags the first prize for being the most clean village

Kamalanagar, 6 March, 2022: Kamalanagar-III was adjudged the most clean village within Kamalanagar town area in the CEM’s Cleanliness Award programme held today at Kamalanagar-III Community Hall and bagged the first prize. Second prize and third prize went to Bajeisora and Kamalanagar-IV respectively. The programme has been organized by Chakma Mahila Samiti and it was sponsored by Local Administration Department, CADC.

This cleanliness award programme is the first of its kind in CADC’s history and was initiated in the year 2019 as formally announced then by Hon’ble CEM, CADC Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma. The award could not be given immediately then due to the covid-19 pandemic situation. “This will be an annual affair”, the CEM said.

The CEM speaking today in the programme stated that Chakma Mahila Samiti was entrusted for assessing the worthy candidates for the award in recognition of the contribution of the mothers over generations for maintaining cleanliness of households while dismissing stereotype connected with this decision. “It is also the sincerity with which CMS pursue any task assigned to them that made them deserving of this responsibility”, the CEM said.

The CEM said that the idea for the award germinated in the mind of his better half while also giving credit to the inspiration due to the Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan programme of government of India.

“Cleanliness is all about making it a habit and who understands its value. It’s not about being rich or poor. I have come across people who earn a lot yet cleanliness is not valued by them while have seen poor families maintaining super cleanliness”, he said.

He also proposed that award for cleanliness for individual household should also be instituted.

Dg. H. Amaresh Chakma, Executive Member i/c LAD and the Guest of Honour of the programme proposed that the community can help meet the mounting burden of expenses of CADC authority in collecting and disposing garbage of households of Kamalanagar town area by paying reasonable charges for the service as is practiced in LADC and MADC. He also assured to issue order prohibiting discharge of septic tank content into river Toijong while acknowledging the seriousness of the matter raised by Dgb. Jyotsna Chakma, former President, CMS in her speech.

Dgb. Jyotsna Chakma hailed the initiative historic and emphasized the need for role of both the government and the public in this mission for a clean environment.

Dgb. Mandira Chakma, former President, CMS made a point that garbage generated in Chakma household is generally high on an average and hence, the need to ramp up the frequency of service of LAD for collection of garbage from households.

Dgb. Monika Chakma, President, CMS urged for maintaining general cleanliness while attributing it a character of a civilized race.