Chief Executive Member, CADC Dg. Shanti Jiban Chakma removed in a no-confidence motion

No confidence motion against Dg. Shanti Jiban Chakma, CEM, CADC

Kamalanagar, January 15, 2019: Hard on the heels of removal of Dg. Buddhalila Chakma from the office of the Chairman, Chakma Autonomous District Council, the Winter Session of 10th Chakma Autonomous District Council in its second sitting held today removed incumbent Chief Executive Member, CADC Dg. Shanti Jiban Chakma in a no-confidence motion moved by Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, MDC.

With the removal of the Chief Executive Member, the Executive Committee, Chakma Autonomous District Council stand dissolved. 

The motion was sustained with 10 members voting in favour and 1 against. 7 members remained absent including the CEM against whom the motion was moved. 

The Session was presided over by Dg. Durjya Dhan Chakma, Deputy Chairman in the absence of the Chairman due to his removal a day earlier in the first sitting. 

The motion of no-confidence was moved by Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, leader of the opposition in the first half of the sitting and the Deputy Chairman applying sub-rule 2 of Rule 84 adjourned the session until 2 pm to take up the motion. The motion was discussed and upheld with a majority vote. 

The development is a fallout caused following 4 MDCs of the Congress party out of 7, splitting and joining the MNF party enhancing its strength to 11, just enough for a clear majority in the 20 members strength house. 

Dg. Shanti Jiban Chakma, MDC, who was elected with BJP ticket was installed CEM, CADC on 2nd May 2018.

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