Showcause Notice Served To Borapansury-I Village Council

Kamalanagar, 4 March 2017: Following the verdict of the Gauhati High Court, Aizawl Bench declaring the dissolution order of the Village Council of Borapansury-I null and void while restoring its status, the CADC authority served a show cause notice to the village council on the charges of irregularities, corruption and misappropriation of public money.

The Court pronounced its verdict in favour of the Borapansury-I village Council on the ground that reasonable opportunity was not given to the said village council to explain themselves in defense.

The CADC authority resorted to this move relying on the observation made in the Judgment which states, β€œHowever, it is made clear that there is no bar on the part of the official respondent No.1 to 3 to take appropriate action against the said village council of Boransury-I village complying with the amended provision of section 26(1) of the CADC (Village Council) Act, 2003 and CADC (Village Council) (Amendment) Act, 2011.”

It now remains to be seen how the Borapansury-I village council makes their next move and how the story unfolds based on their explanation.