Indo-Bangla Border Fencing Compensation To Be Disbursed

Kamalanagar, August 7, 2016: Compensation to victims affected by Indo-Bangla Border Fencing in CADC area will be disbursed from SDO Office, Chawnte RD Block from 12 September 2016 to 16 September 2016 and on 19 September 2016 as per schedule given below:

Compensation for a total amount of Rs.15.93 Crore will be disbursed. All payment will be done through cheque only. The SDO (Civil), Chawngte Pu Lalfakzuala in a notification prescribed some terms and condition for release of the compensation amount to the victims as given under.

Date Name of village No. of victims
12/9/2016– 13/9/2016 1. Jaruldubasora online 124
12/9/2016– 13/9/2016 2. Boroituli online 234
12/9/2016– 13/9/2016 3. New Jaganasury-I 76
14/09/2016 1. Silosora online 63
14/09/2016 2. Kamtuli online 143
15/9/2016-16/9/2016 1. Fultuli online 374
19/09/2016 1. Boroituli Link road 47
19/09/2016 2. Fultuli link road 53
19/09/2016 3. Kamtuli link road 85
  • All the beneficiaries shall be required to submit photo copies of their Voter I.D., Original land pass or LSC to the SDO (Civil), Chawngte.
  • The beneficiaries shall be required to put their signature on Actual Payee Receipt on receipt of payment.
  • All beneficiaries shall be required to submit a photo copy of their respective cheque to the SDO (Civil), Chawngte.
  • Payment shall be made only to the landowner or the claimant, except if the landowner is dead or infirm and under such circumstance, the claimant shall be required to submit a documentary authorization issued by the land owner which will be countersigned by the concerned VCP, President, YCA/YMA, Sr. Revenue Officer or Revenue Officer, Revenue Department, CADC and concerned MDC.

The last point however raises an issue in the event of death of the land owner when it will not be possible to get an authorization by the claimant represented by the nearest kinsman of the deceased.