Chakma Council Monsoon Session Starts

Kamalanagar, 15 July, 2015: The first session of the 9th Chakma Autonomous District Council for the current fiscal year started today. The full budget could not be presented because of non-receipt of budgetary allocation from the state Government in full. The CEM, CADC opted for a Vote on Account on estimates of expenditure for the period April to Octoberโ€™ 2015 for plan sector and for the period June to Octoberโ€™ 2015 for Non-plan sector.

The estimated expenditure in the Vote on Account is Rs.981.71 Lakh under plan sector and Rs.1751.83 Lakh under non-plan sector. Out of the estimated amount under plan sector Rs.923.71 Lakh and Rs.58.00 Lakh is for salary and non-salary respectively. The non-plan sector has Rs.1735.16 Lakh for salary and Rs.16.67 Lakh for non-salary.

The vote on Account so placed will be discussed and voted in the next sitting on 17th July 2015.

The sitting besides discussed one starred question and 3 unstarred questions placed by Dangu H. Amaresh Chakma, a member of the opposition bench.

Of the 24 (twenty four) members 21 (twenty one) attended the sitting.