45th CADC Day Celebrated

Kamalanagar, 30 April 2016: The Chakma Autonomous District Council completed 44 years yesterday. On 1st April 1972 the Pawi-Lakher Autonomous Regional Council was trifurcated into Chakma, Lakher and Pawi Autonomous Regional Councils which were further upgraded into Autonomous District Councils on 29th April 1972.

To mark the occasion, programmes were organized throughout the day at Kamalanagar, headquarters of CADC. The day started with the hoisting of the CADC flag by the CEM, CADC Dangu Kali Kumar Tongchangya to the chanting of the CADC anthem. The CEM, CADC in his address to the public remembered all the Chakma leaders Dangu Atul Chandra Chakma, Dangu Krishto Mohan Chakma, Dangu Hari Krishto Chakma, Dangu Mideya Chakma, Dangu Sneha Kumar Chakma and Dangu S. P. Dewan who have sacrificed for our today.

He appealed to all the local area NGOs MZP, YMA, MHIP, YLA, YCA, CMS, MCSU, MBA to work together towards peace and harmony of this area.

The CEM in his speech highlighted the recent developmental works undertaken by CADC. He said, “under fund provision made available by NITI Ayog CADC shall blacktop the Kamalanagar town road and introduce Kamalanagar town bus service.” So far, only taxi service is available at Kamalanagar town. The CADC Cultural Hall, new CADC Secretariat and new CADC Session Hall will be electrified by solar power. A mineral water factory cum bottling plant to package local traditional rice wine – Dawchuni – will be set up with fund provision from NITI Ayog.

“Blacktopping of the road linking Kamalanagar town and new Kamalanagar College building which is located in Arati Nagar with fund provision from additional plan fund is underway.”

“CADC has embarked on skill development programme under PMKVY in collaboration with Primero Skill Training Pvt. Ltd. Under the programme a few batches have been trained in tourism and hospitality and placements have been given to those who have completed the course in renowned hotels like the TAJ. Under the same programme a poultry farm will soon be set up at Udalthana which will at least generate employment for 400 to 500 families.”

The CADC driving school is an opportunity for the drop out students, the CEM, CADC said. This year some 44 trainees are undergoing training in the driving school.

The CEM made an announcement that a project will be pursued to set up a cold storage powered by solar energy. There is no cold storage at Kamalanagar, the commercial hub of CADC. The cold storage will provide facility with storage for farm products. This shall encourage the farmers of CADC especially those who engage in vegetable farming. World peace prayer was organised at Mahamoni Buddha Vihar, kamalanagar on the day. Candle lighting of whole Kamalanagar town was done in the evening.