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75th Republic Day of India celebrated at Kamalanagar

Kamalanagar, January 26, 2024: The 75th Republic Day of India was celebrated with great fervour at Kamalanagar, the headquarters of the Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC) on Friday. The Chief Guest of the occasion, Pu Lalneihthanga Colney, MCS, SDO (C), Chawngte, unfurled the national flag during the ceremony at Kamalanagar playground. The event saw the presence of CADC Councilors, officials from CADC and the State government, Village Council representatives, and leaders from local NGOs.

Nine contingents, including the NCC unit of Govt. Kamalanagar College, participated in the impressive march-past. The celebration was further enhanced by vibrant cultural dances performed by artists from the Art & Culture Department, CADC, and members of the Young Mizo Association, Chawngte-P.

In his address, Chief Guest Pu Lalneihthanga highlighted the developmental accomplishments of various departments under Chawngte Sub-Division during 2023-2023 which included road infrastructure, healthcare, education, social welfare, water supply, food and civil supplies, rural housing, and power and electricity.

A short programme held earlier at the CADC Secretariat premises was graced by Dg. Sundor Muni Chakma, Deputy Chairman, CADC, as the Chief Guest, alongside Executive Members, MDCs, high-ranking officials, and staff. The Chief Guest in his address expressed gratitude to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and other members of the drafting committee of the Constitution for ensuring justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity. He attributed the existence of the CADC to the visionary leaders who drafted the Constitution.

Dg. Sundor Muni Chakma congratulated the Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM) on forming the government with an absolute majority in Mizoram. He expressed confidence in their ability to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the State. He also thanked the State government for releasing additional fund amounting to Rs. 26,56,86000 against salary of CADC employees for the months of November and December 2023. He expressed hope for the continued cordial relationship between CADC and the State Government of Mizoram. Commending the current Executive Committee of CADC under the leadership of Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, CEM and MLA, 36-Tuichawng Constituency, he appreciated its efforts in fostering development across all fronts while highlighting some notable achievements during 2023-2024, including fund allocations for social welfare, environmental initiatives, flood relief, and financial assistance for piggery and poultry farming.

Logo Designing for Tribal Museum at CADC.

The Executive Committee of Chakma Autonomous District Council feels it a great privilege to invite interested individuals to take part in designing of a “LOGO/ICON” exclusively to be used for the Tribal Museum to be constructed soon at Kamalanagar under the Museum Grant Scheme from the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

The Logo should incorporate elements and visual that symbolizes the Art & Culture of the Chakma Community. The logo complete in all aspects should be submitted both in print and soft format to the undersigned within 30 days from the date of issue of this circular.

However, the Executive Committee of CADC reserved the rights for the selection of the most appropriate logo/icon to be used for the symbol of the Museum.

77th Independence Day celebrated at Kamalanagar

Kamalanagar, August 15, 2023: The 77th Independence Day of India was celebrated with great fervor and patriotism at Kamalanagar today. Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, the Hon’ble Chief Executive Member of the Chakma Autonomous District Council, graced the ceremonial event held at the Kamalanagar playground as the Chief Guest and did the honour of unfurling the national flag to the chorus of the national anthem sung by students of the Duloram Public Higher Secondary School, Kamalanagar. The celebration which drew a massive crowd of spectators was attended by Pu Lalneihthanga Colney, Sub-Divisional Officer (Civil), Members of District Councils, officials from both State and CADC government bodies, heads of institutions in Kamalanagar, and a host of other dignitaries.

This year’s celebration showcased the participation of 10 parade contingents in a spirited march past. The Chief Guest, Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma conducted the ceremonial inspection of the parade contingents. Baptist Boarding School has been adjudged the best performing contingent. The P.C. Higher Secondary School, Chawngte-P, secured the second position, while the girls’ unit NCC cadets from Government Kamalanagar College secured the third place. The event was further enriched by captivating performances, including songs and cultural dances by the Chakma Mahila Samiti, Chawngte-P Branch YMA, Chawngte-L Branch YMA, and the Art and Culture Department of CADC. Final matches of the Independence Day Football tournament were played. In the women’s football match between Chawngte-P women’s football team and Govt. Kamalanagar College, the Chawngte P women team emerged victorious, while in the men’s football final match, Megchaga FC claimed victory over Bajeisora FC.

During his address, Chief Guest Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma underscored the works and achievements of various departments of CADC during 2022-2023, including key initiatives that are set to transform the region’s infrastructure and quality of life of the people.

Highlighting the ongoing efforts in education, he shared that the construction of 10 school buildings across different locations in the CADC with funding support from the North Eastern Council (NEC), have reached 79.74% completion. He expressed hope that the completion of these school buildings will uplift the educational landscape of the region.

On the pressing issue of water supply, the Hon’ble Chief Executive Member noted significant developments in this domain stating that Chawngte Rural Water Supply Scheme under NABARD RIDFT and Jal Jeevan Mission are making substantial progress and are expected to be operational by December 2023. Once completed, these projects will ensure regular water supply, replacing the current irregular intervals of 2-3 months.

A significant announcement was made during his speech – plans to establish a Chakma students’ hostel in Kolkata. Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma highlighted the groundwork that has already been laid out during his recent visit to Kolkata and construction will be started on a 10 katha (about 2675 sq. metre) of land as soon as paper works and documentation is finalized. He expressed the hope that this initiative would provide a much-needed solution for students and patients traveling to the city for education and medical treatment. The Hon’ble CEM also the honoured the winners of the various categories of the Independence Day tournament organized by the Chawngte Badminton Club by distributing prizes.

Amidst the patriotic fervor of the Independence Day, the Chief Executive Member, accompanied by his colleagues and the SDO (Civil), Chawngte, Pu Lalneihthanga Colney, undertook a meaningful visit to the Community Health Centre, Chawngte, where he provided financial assistance of Rs.1000 each to every patient undergoing treatment at the CHC.

Earlier in the day, Dg. Kala Soga Chakma, Executive Member of the Chakma Autonomous District Council, hoisted the national flag in the premises of the CADC Secretariat. Amongst a gathering of District Council Members, both past and present, CADC officials, and dignitaries, he reflected on the significance of India’s Independence Day and the sacrifices made by leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, and Rani Laxmi Bhai in securing freedom from British rule. He called upon all individuals to strive for progress and development that aligns with advanced communities.

CADC leadership calls on Hon’ble Governor of Mizoram

Kamalanagar, 11 August 2023: The Hon’ble Chief Executive Member of the Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC), Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, today led a high-level delegation in a productive meeting with the Hon’ble Governor of Mizoram, His Excellency Dr. Hari Babu Kambhampati. The meeting, held at the Governor’s Bungalow in Aizawl, discussed crucial subjects concerning the Chakma Autonomous District Council.

The meeting, which included cabinet colleagues, Members of District Council (MDCs), and prominent party leaders discussed various issues concerning the progress and development of CADC. Key subjects that were discussed in the meeting included the Gazette Notification of CADC Rules, disparity in distribution of Budget allocations among Autonomous District Councils in Mizoram, MUDRA Loans, Centrally Sponsored Schemes and Fishery Schemes.

Dr. Hari Babu Kambhampati, the Hon’ble Governor, while sharing valuable inputs with the delegation also expressed his commitment to actively intervene and play a constructive role for a positive transformation of Chakma Autonomous District Council.

Allocation of portfolios to the Executive Members of CADC

In exercise of powers conferred under Rule 30 of the Chakma Autonomous District Council (Constitution, Conduct of Business etc.) Rules, 2002 and as amended from time to time, the Chief Executive Member of Chakma Autonomous District Council is pleased to allocate the portfolios among the members of the Executive Committee of the 11th Chakma Autonomous District Council as shown below with immediate effect.

Health Minister Dr. R. Lalthangliana visits Kamalanagar; Longpuighat PHC to be operationalised soon

Kamalanagar, 9 June, 2023: Dr. R. Lalthangliana, Minister of Health and Family Welfare who was on a 3-day tour to Lawngtlai District arrived Kamalanagar today at 5:30 PM. A short cultural programme was arranged on his visit at Art & Culture Hall, Kamalanagar. He was accompanied by Dr. Vanlalsawma, Director, DHS; Dr. Chawngthanchhunga, Joint Director (Malaria), H & FW; Dg. V. Lallungmuana, Member, Industrial Development Board; Dr. K. Vanlalhruaia, State Entomologist (VBD); Dgb. Malsawmthangi Pachuau, State PH Consultant (VBD) and others.

Councillors, Officers, NGO leaders and Health Workers of CADC were also present.

Dr. R. Lalthangliana speaking expressed that the Government is trying to upgrade and improve the health care facilities in Mizoram including CADC. He mentioned that the western and southern belt of Mizoram is endemic to Malaria-borne diseases, the role of NGOs especially the YCA, MCSU and Chakma Mahila Samiti will be of paramount importance when it comes to mobilise and create awareness on Malaria in CADC area.

He suggested that the District Council authority should make necessary steps to eradicate the deadly disease. The health ministry of the state is not in a position to tackle it alone.

He further mentioned that the Longpuighat PHC will be functional soon. Everything is in place now. However, he suggested that a local MBBS Doctor would be appropriate to look after the PHC.

In addition, to maintain and continue the services in Borapansury PHC, every possible help from the State Government shall be undertaken so that it can cater and deal with more health-related patients.

While Dr. Rinisha Chakma, Medical Officer, Chawngte CHC, Kamalanagar shared the information of the CHC including the services it provides. A power point presentation on Malaria was presented by Dgb. Malsawmthangi Pachuau and how the Chakmas are prone to the disease due to their lifestyle.

Representatives of NGOs also met him in private to discuss health care-related issues pertaining to the CADC area.

He visited the only College within CADC at Kamalanagar and has assessed the condition of Govt. Kamalanagar College and the problems they are enduring at present.

The programme was concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya, Chairman of Chakma Autonomous District Council.

51st CADC Day observed; ES, CADC appeals for contribution for development of CADC

Kamalanagar, April 29, 2023: The 51st CADC Day was observed today in the premises of CADC Secretariat. Dg. Gana Chandra Chakma, Education Officer (P/S) who is in charge Executive Secretary, Chakma Autonomous District Council hoisted the National and CADC Flag followed by the chorus singing of the CADC anthem to mark the occasion.

Dg. Gana Chandra Chakma, in his speech, remembered with gratitude and honour all the founder leaders of CADC like Dg. Kristo Mohan Chakma, Dg. Atul Chandra Chakma, Dg. Hari Kristo Chakma, Dg. Mideya Chakma, Dg. Baneshwar Chakma and Dg. Gaur Nitai Chakma who were instrumental in getting a separate Autonomous Council for the Chakmas of Mizoram out of Pawi-Lakher Regional Council.

He also stressed that there are numerous others who had contributed to the creation of Chakma Autonomous District Council from the beginning but remained unsung due to lack of proper documentation and records.

“People from all sections of the Chakma Society including public, employees and religious leaders have contributed in securing the Council. They had a dream of having their own land in the form of Autonomous Council. To preserve language, culture and for all-round development of the Chakmas, they felt the need for a land of their own,” he added.

During the interim period of the first Executive Committee of the Chakma Regional Council in 1972, the then employees along with the leaders of the Council took the onus upon themselves to transform the Council towards the path of all-round development.

He appealed to all the Heads of Departments, Officers, Employees and others serving under Chakma Autonomous District Council to participate in fulfilling the dream envisaged by the founders of CADC.

Now, the remarkable transformation of CADC can be observed how much it has developed in the last 50 years and hence, we all have the role to play toward its development.

In Republic Day address, CADC Chairman appeals to the youths to enter Civil Services

Kamalanagar, January 26, 2023: Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya, Chairman, Chakma Autonomous District Council unfurled National Flag on the occasion of celebration of 74th Republic Day of India, organized in the premises of CADC Secretariat, Kamalanagar.

Accentuating the importance of the day, he recalled Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar the architect of the Constitution of India.

Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya in his address appealed to the leaders, senior members and officers to refresh the minds of the youths who are easily swayed by the naysayers and fake news. He urged the youths to make use of social media for productive and beneficial purpose and refrain from such destructive engagement.

He implored the youth that instead of indulging in negativity, to focus on higher studies and target for civil services like Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS) and Indian Foreign Service (IFS) which are in dire need in our society. The appeal comes in the backdrop of rampant and unrestricted use of social media especially WhatsApp in the recent time to criticize the Executive Committee of 10th Chakma Autonomous District Council.

However, he remarked that despite the unfriendly geographical location of the Chakma Autonomous District Council which has been the hurdle for the pace of development of the Council, it is still making progress in its way. He mentioned that due to road connectivity in the Council, accessibility has become easier. He also mentioned that we have our own religious leaders who otherwise had to come from Burma. There is one meditation centre at Kamalanagar which also signify our progress in the field.

He further mentioned that though the 10th Chakma Autonomous District Council went through thick and thin in this term and witnessed five (5) Chief Executive Members (CEMs), yet the flagship programmes like SEDP and others did not get affected. He also referred many Central Schemes like Jal Jeevan Mission under which free water connection is being provided in remote villages.

He recalled that in the term of 10th Chakma Autonomous District Council, three members of District Council (MDCs) have their lives. They are Dg. Pranab Kumar Chakma who died due to heart attack and Dg. Mohesh Boran Chakma and Dg. Charan Singh Chakma who lost their lives in a tragic car accident recently.

In the closing note, he appealed to the officers to uphold the Rule of Law.

Meeting regarding Golden Jubilee Closing Ceremony held

Kamalanagar, Dec 7, 2022: A meeting pertaining to the celebration of closing ceremony of the CADC Golden Jubilee was held today at the Conference Hall of CADC Rest House, Kamalanagar. The meeting organized by the Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee was attended by Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya, Chairman, CADC who is also the Chairman of the CADC Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee, all Head of the Departments, representatives of the Sub-Committees of the Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee among others.

Speaking at the meeting, the Chairman recalled Dg Sishir Kumar Chakma, A&CO, CADC who recently passed away and his contribution towards making the inaugural programme a successful one. He also expressed his thankfulness to all the employees of CADC from 4th grade to the Head of the Department who have contributed one day pay amounting to Rs. 33,85,165 for the impending celebration slated from 20th December, 2022 to 21st December, 2022 at Helipad Ground, Bajeisora. He implored all to bring a sense of mass participation as the programme is a lifetime moment for one and all.

As sought in the meeting, the representatives of various Sub-Committees of the CADC Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee namely – Souvenir Publication Committee, Felicitation Committee, Games & Sports Committee (Traditional), Exhibition Committee (Traditional Wares), Photo Album Committee have shared their respective reports and the items in line for the celebration.

The Flag of CADC shall be distributed to each and every household of all the 88 villages under CADC to mark the occasion. Sign Board bearing small account of the village shall be put up at entry and exit point of every village.

Earlier, it was decided that the Golden Jubilee celebration will be held through the year with the opening and closing ceremony to be organised at Kamalanagar. In between celebration programmes will also be organised at the sub-headquarters. However, on 10th November, 2022, owing to the resignation of the CEM, CADC and the consequent dissolution of the Executive Committee of CADC, the planned celebration of the Golden Jubilee in the sub-headquarters of CADC was postponed.

The meeting was concluded with vote of thanks from the Chair.