CADC Winter Session Concluded

Kamalanagar, November 24, 2014:The CADC Winter Session 2014-15 which started on 20th November 2014 concluded today with the passing of the Budget for this fiscal year.

The Budget mover Dangu Buddha Lila Chakma, CEM, CADC presented the Budget in the first sitting on Thursday. The budget made provision for an allocation of Rs.2406.95 Lakh under Plan Sector and Rs.3510.00 Lakh under normal Grants-in Aid, Non-Plan Sector. There is also an amount of Rs.52.18 Lakh earmarked for Local Bodies under LAD being Special Area Basic Grants. A projection of Rs.61.08 Lakh through collection of Local Receipt from various sources has been made.

The Budget Estimate made a reflection of Rs.19.43 Crore deficit which accounts for salary and pension on which the CEM, CADC assured that the State Government shall be strongly pursued to make up for the deficit. He partly attributed the deficit being a carryover of the deficit left by the MNF ruled administration of 2007 and owing to the financial constraint the State is in, whose budgetary allocation has been affected by the allocation made by the Central Government to the State.

The Budget was discussed at length and finally passed.Besides, the session also discussed on two unstarred questions introduced by Dangu Amaresh Chakma, MDC during the question hour. Obituary in honour of Dangu Kalapu Tongchangya, former Deputy Chairman and Executive Member was read in the House who expired on 28/10/2014. He was elected as an MDC from New Joganasury in the Second General Election to CADC during 1978.