CADC Winter Session Started

Kamalanagar, November 20, 2014: The Winter Session, 2014-15 of Chakma Autonomous District Council started today. Dangu Buddha Lila Chakma, Chief Executive Member, CADC in his Budget speech presented the Demand for Grants (Budget Estimates), 2014-15.

For this fiscal year the State Government has allocated Rs.2406.95 Lakh under Plan sector and Rs.3510.00 Lakh under normal Grants-in Aid, Non-plan sector. There is also an amount of Rs.52.18 Lakh earmarked for Local Bodies under LAD being Special Area Basic Grants. A projection Rs.61.08 Lakh through collection of Local Receipt from various sources has been made. The fund allocated under Plan and Non-Plan sector is earmarked as:


1. Salary—- Rs.916.06 Lakh

2. Administrative charges —-Rs.123.57 Lakh

3. AIPB under Minor Irrigation —-Rs.243.32 Lakh

4. RKVY under Agriculture—- Rs.329.00 Lakh

5. SPA under PWD —-Rs.287.00 Lakh

6. under LAD, Road Transport, etc—- Rs.240.00 Lakh

7. 13th Finance Commission —-Rs.268.00 Lakh

Total: Rs.2406.95 Lakh


1. Salary—- Rs.3460.00 Lakh

2. Administrative cost—- Rs.50.00 Lakh

Total: Rs.3510.00 Lakh

The State Government being under acute financial paucity, the Council budget has been severely affected and is under deficit of Rs.747.82 Lakh under Plan and Rs.1195.33 Lakh under Non-Plan which accounts for salary requirement. The CEM in his Budget speech urged for economic measures to minimize expenses and to gear up for mobilization of local resources for generation of local revenues.

The session was adjourned till next Monday when the Budget will be taken up for discussion and voting.