CADC’s Second ‘Vote On Account’ Passed

Kamalanagar, 24 July: The Second ‘Vote on Account’ of this financial year for expenditure of Chakma Autonomous District Council for four months from August to November which was presented by the Hon’ble CEM, Dangu Buddha Lila Chakma before the House in the first sitting of the Monsoon Session last Monday got passed today.

The ‘Vote on Account’ made for an expenditure of Rs.469.00 lakh under Plan Sector and Rs.1170.06 lakh under Non-plan Sector of normal grant-in-aid. These allocations were made to the Council by the State Government. Whereas the actual requirement of the Council for the same period is 1491.92 lakh under Non-plan and Rs.600.40 lakh under Plan. The Hon’ble CEM regretted that most of the fund gets used to provide salary for the staff and there hardly remains any fund for execution of developmental works. At the current rate, the projected deficit at the end of the financial year shall be more than Rs.14.00 crore and for which the State Government shall be approached, he said. The Council could not pass a full Budget because the Annual Plan size of the State Government could not be finalized.

The sitting discussed five unstarred questions and one starred question. The questions asked were pertaining to governance and implementation of various schemes under CADC. A question regarding whether any land allotment was made to MZP at Borapansury was also discussed. The question put to the Executive Member, i/c Land Revenue & Settlement, CADC said that no land allotment was made to the MZP at Borapansury. Dangu H. Amaresh Chakma, MDC, the question mover said that if the State Government have given any permission to the MZP for use of the land provisionally allotted to the Government at Borapansury for Civil Supply purpose, whether amounted to infringement of power of the Council.

Hon’ble Deputy Chairman Dangu Purnomuni Chakma was on the Chair. The Chairman who usually conducts the Sessions was out of station for official work at Aizawl. The Monsoon Session concluded with this second sitting of the Session.