CADC’s Interim Budget 2012-13 placed

Kamalanagar, March 28 : Chakma Autonomous District Council’s interim Budget for the coming fiscal year 2012-13 has been placed today in the August House of the Council.

Rs.470.00 Lakhs under Plan sector and Rs.953.00 lakhs under Non-Plan sector were earmarked for the first four months of the fiscal year i.e. from April-July’ 2012. The allocation made under Non-Plan sector is 33.33% of the presently allocated total amount for Chakma Autonomous District Council, under Normal Grant-in-aid by the State Government. However, the Hon’ble Chief Executive Member, CADC in his Budget speech remarked that the alloted amount of Rs.2858.00 Lakhs for the current years fiscal budget under Normal Grant-in-aid (Non-Plan) is not sufficient to meet the whole fiscal year’s requirement for Salary, if the revised Rules for Councillors Salary & Allowences is to be implemented.

While, the Budget also made a projection for collection of Local Revenues of Rs.98.70 Lakhs against the previous year’s collection of Rs.89.62 Lakhs.

The Hon’ble Chief Executive member in his budget speech informed the House about the Council being empowered to take up developmental schemes under Plan sector with the recently entrusted Deparments of Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation and Minor Irrigation.

The Budget Session was ajourned at 12:15 till Friday and the next sitting was announced to be on Monday.