CADC Budget Session, 2011-2012 begins

Kamalanagar, 29th March’ 2011: The Summer (Budget) Session, 2011 of the 8th Chakma Autonomous District Council has begun today. Shri Sushil Kumar Chakma was on the Chair. This First Sitting has seen 19 members attending with 2 absentees.

The Question Hours was served with 4 Unstarred Questions and 4 Starred Questions. It has witnessed a healthy debate with the opposition playing a responsible role.

The Question Hours was followed by Legislation. In the first half of this session, the Hon’ble Chief Executive Member, CADC, Shri Kali Kumar Tongchangya placed the Budget for the year 2011-2012 before this August House for consideration and approval. This was followed by a presentation by him on the Supplementary Demand of Chakma Autonomous District Council for the year 2010-2011.

The Chief Executive Member, Chakma Autonomous District Council in his Budget speech expressed his delight over the allotment of fund by the State Government under Supplementary Grants for 2010-2011, to the tune of Rs.913.20 lakhs. He made it known before the House that the Budget Estimate, 2011-2012 has been prepared with Rs.2,432.18 lakhs under normal Grant-in-Aid, Non-Plan and Rs.22.50 lakhs under centrally sponsored scheme for Local Body Grants from 13th Finance Commission and with Rs.1,350.00 lakhs under Annual Plan sector. A target of Rs.35.70 lakhs is being made for local revenue receipts and thus, the total figure of the Budget Estimate coming to Rs.3,840.38 lakhs under Revenue Receipt head. In the Public Account, that is, in the Employees Welfare Cell the estimated receipt is Rs.33.05 lakhs.

Finally, an official bill, “Chakma Autonomous District Council (Profession, Trade, Calling and Employment Taxation) (Amendment) Regulation”, was introduced by Shri Buddha Lila Chakma, Executive Member i/c Revenue etc. for discussion and voting on the bill. Comments and suggestions were exchanged before the bill was finally voted unanimously by the House. The bill seeks to expand the range of the reach of the Taxation Department. If the bill receives the Governor’s assent, three more categories namely i)Estate agents or promoters or brokers or commission agents, ii) Drectors and iii) contractors/suppliers, would come under the net of the Taxation Department, CADC. With this the House was adjourned till next Friday.