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Executive Committee, CADC decides to appoint the successful candidates for BAT courses on fixed pay basis to qualify them as in-service candidates

Kamalanagar, 05 July, 2019:  The Executive Committee, Chakma Autonomous District Council in its meeting held today decided to depute the successful candidates of the examination for training in Agriculture and allied subjects notified vide notification No.A.12032/1/2009-2010/CADC(G)/Part-I dt.28/06/2019 to undergo Basic Agriculture Training (BAT) courses at ITC, Hnathial as in-service personnel.

The recourse has been necessitated due to receipt of a request letter (L/No.B.13017/4/2018-DTE(AGR-R&E)/39 dt.2/07/2019) from the Directorate of Agriculture (Research & Extension), Government of Mizoram to select in-service candidates to undergo BAT courses at ITC, Hnahthial for the Session 2019-20121.

Earlier, CADC has conducted an examination to select fresh candidates for undergoing training for Agriculture Demonstrator, Horticulture Demonstrator and Sericulture Demonstrator the result of which was published on 28th June 2019. Seven candidates were selected to avail training courses during the session 2019-2021 while 8 candidates were declared under waiting list for the session 2020-22. The Examination was conducted to select pre-service candidates in mind. However, as the matter of pre-service candidates was intimated at a very short notice by the state government it could not be pursued and on the other hand CADC could not afford to lose the opportunity due to acute shortage of technical hand at present. CADC anyhow decided to continue with the process of the examination notified to select the meritorious candidates. To qualify the successful candidates for the BAT training course under in-service category it decided to appoint them on fixed pay basis.

Nominated MDCs of CADC sworn-in

Kamalanagar, 05 July, 2019: Shri Lal Moni Chakma s/o Adi Chandra Chakma, Shri P. Thantluanga s/o P. Sangrothanga, Smt. Milon Sushi Chakma w/o Guna Sindu Chakma and Smt. Namita Chakma d/o Shanti Moy Chakma who were appointed as Nominated Members of Chakma Autonomous District Council on 4/7/2019 have been sworn-in today in the Session Hall of CADC. Shri H. Amaresh Chakma, Chairman, CADC administered the oath to the Members.

Earlier, on 12/3/2019, the Governor issued a similar notification appointing the same persons as nominated MDC. However, the notification had to be suspended on 15/3/2019 due to election model code of conduct coming into force following the announcement of election to the 17th Lok Sabha.

Out of the four nominated members at least two have to be women as provided under Rule 7 of CADC (CCB) Rules 2002.

Advertisement inviting applications for Casual Cultural Artists for Art & Culture Department, CADC

The executive committee of CADC has decided to engage Casual Cultural Artists (CCA) on the basis of necessity from time to time in the Art & Culture Department.

Therefore, applications are hereby invited from interested bonafide citizen of India in the prescribed application format which can be had from the Art & Culture Department in payment of Rs. 20/- (Rupees Twenty Only). The last date of submission applications is 15th July, 2019. For selecting candidates shall be examined by a screening committee to test their skills and competence.

Preference shall be given to candidates with experience in artistic activities/performance.


Executive Member
Chakma Autonomous District Council

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Charan Singh Chakma, newly elected MDC was sworn-in

Kamalanagar, 11 June, 2019: Dangu Charan Singh Chakma, who has won the bye-election to Ugudasury ‘S’ MDC Constituency of Chakma Autonomous District Council held on 6th June, 2019 was sworn-in today in the Session Hall of CADC. The oath was administered by Dangu H. Amaresh Chakma, Chairman, CADC.

The Ugudasury ‘S’ MDC seat had fallen vacant following the untimely demise of the incumbent MDC, Dangu Pranab Kumar Chakma who won the seat in the General Election held in April 2018.

The MNF party retained the seat with the win by Dangu Charan Singh Chakma. Dg. Charan Singh Chakma defeated his opponent Dg. Susen Chakma, a veteran politician, fielded by the BJP by a margin of 205 votes. He contested the election by resigning from his government service under CADC.

CADC to Observe Green Mizoram Day

Kamalanagar, 10 June 2019: Chakma Autonomous District Council decided to kick off the observation of Green Mizoram Day at Kamalanagar from tomorrow, the 11th June, 2019 in a meeting called today by Forest, Environment and Climate Change Department, Chakma Autonomous District Council. CADC Councilors, representatives of different departments of CADC, Village Council leaders and NGO representatives attended the meeting.

Introducing the significance of observation of the Day in the meeting Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, Chief Executive Member, CADC urged for mass participation by all sections of the society. Mass participation scopes for awareness on one hand and make the programme economical on the other, he explained. Given the constrained financial position of CADC mass participation would be a great service, he added.

He expressed that more than money, attitude is important for the mission and urged for transformation of our attitude towards a green world.

While recalling a proposal made by the PCCF, Mizoram recently for establishing of small wild life sanctuaries within CADC he urged all the representatives in the meeting for shaping public opinion for selecting the Raj Mondal area for the proposed wildlife sanctuary. He cautioned that the wildlife sanctuary will not be possible unless there is wide consensus while explaining that it is the only permanent solution to the ever deepening water crisis for potable water in Kamalanagar town.             The meeting selected sites around Kamalanagar town and its vicinity for roadside plantation for the kickoff day. Different departments of CADC were grouped for different sites. The NGOs shall join the programme as well. The programme will be kicked off tomorrow morning at 5:30 am in the premises of CADC Rest House, Kamalanagar-II.

48th CADC Day Observed

Kamalanagar, 29 April 2019: Completion of 47 years of formation of Chakma Autonomous District Council was celebrated today at Kamalanagar with a ceremonial programme. The Indian National flag and the CADC flag were hoisted in the premises of the CADC secretariat by Dangu Rasik Mohan Chakma, CEM, CADC in the presence of a gathering comprising of CADC councilors, former leaders and CADC employees.

The programme was started with offering of tribute by the CEM, CADC to the Chakma leaders who had pioneered the autonomy movement of the Chakmas in Mizoram.

Dangu Rasik Mohan Chakma addressed the gathering signifying the day. He spoke how the portion of the land lived by the Chakmas of Mizoram was once a part of the independent Chakma Kingdom “Chadigang”. He remembered the Chakma leaders like Dangu Krishto Mohan Chakma, Dangu Atul Chandra Chakma, Dangu Hari Krsisto Chakma, Dangu Baneswar Chakma, Dangu Mediya Chakma and Dangu Satya Priyo Dewan who struggled to restore the autonomy once enjoyed by the Chakmas in the form of CADC.

He appreciated the political farsightedness of the then Chakma leaders who despite odds and unfavourable conditions have harbored the crave and spirit for autonomy.

Elaborating further into the past he said, “The Chakmas too became victim of British colonization just like rest of the country and subsequently, took part in the Indian freedom struggle. Unfortunately, the Chakmas of “Chadigang” could not be part of the dominion of India despite their effort.”

He finally urged the people to ask the self of how one is contributing to the development and progress of CADC and to wean our incessant expectation for benefit out of CADC. This attitude if adopted, he added, there will be sea change and nothing can stop us from transforming into a powerful community.

Seminar cum workshop for primary and middle school teachers of CADC conducted

Kamalanagar, 27 March 2019: A two-day seminar-cum-workshop for primary and middle school teachers of CADC was conducted by School Education Department, CADC from 26th – 27th March’ 2019 at Kamalanagar Public School.

Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, CEM, CADC, Dg. H. Amaresh Chakma, Chairman, CADC, Dg. Lakkhan Chakma, E.M., CADC, Dg. Durjyo Dhan Chakma, E.M. CADC and Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya, MDC, CADC graced the programme.

The seminar-cum-workshop which started from the second session of the first day imparted training on maintenance of SMC (School management Committee) accounts, Automated Monitoring System, formation of SMC and its powers and function.

Some 227 primary school teachers and some 178 middle school teachers attended the seminar-cum-workshop.

Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, CEM, CADC and Chief Guest of the inaugural programme while speaking explained that the programme was necessitated to acquaint the teachers with the new education policies of the new Executive Committee in CADC which he stressed was very important for successful delivery of their vision on education.

“The teachers are the agents of the government for implementing their policies on education and so, interaction with the teacher to make them understand the intent of the policy maker is very vital”, he said.

While emphasizing that the reputation of the Executive Committee depends on the performance of the teachers towards their service to educate the children, he urged the teacher community not to let them down.

While acknowledging that 70-80% of the schools are in poor condition in terms of infrastructure he implored that it should not become an excuse for the school not to function as it’s a matter of future of our own children and in the same breath he assured the teachers that his Executive Committee is going to make the best effort to restore the condition of the schools.

He further added, “The teachers are leaders as well and they should make effort to mobilize help at local level to repair the schools and furniture just enough to run the schools. In the meantime the CADC authority shall mobilize resources to address all issues related to school education.”

He also informed the gathering that he sought the help of the local MLA, Dr. B.D. Chakma for repairing of as many school as possible out MLA LAD Fund while expressing happiness over the positive response from him.

While referring to the notification barring charge of admission fees from students from the next academic session he stated that many gets drop out because of burden of school expenses and added that girls children are the first victim as boys are preferred by the parents if they are forced to make a choice out of economic reason.

He has been also very stern regarding the practice of substitute teachers and urged everyone to desist from employing any substitute.

Chawngte Town Development Committee formed

Meeting with all village representatives and NGOs for Town Development Committee formation

Kamalanagar, 13 March 2019: Chawngte Town Development Committee was formed today on Adhoc basis with Pu S. Kaptluanaga, SDO(C), Chawngte as its Chairman, in a first ever meeting of all the Village Councils and NGOs of Chawngte area called under the aegis of CADC.

Dangu Rasik Mohan Chakma, CEM, CADC who presided over the meeting explained that for development of Chawngte Town as a single unit, participation, cooperation and coordination of all the stakeholders was indispensible while asserting that Chawngte town has a unique characteristic with three towns in three different RD Blocks located in two different districts. He urged for a united force to pursue welfare and developmental agenda.

Participants in the meeting of the Town Development Committee

During the course of the meeting many areas of joint concern like sanitation, clean Chawngte town, protection of rivers and forest areas, developmental activities pertaining to roads, electricity, water supply and maintenance of law and order in the town were particularly raised. The CEM, CADC expressed concern over unregulated extraction of stone and sand from the river beds of river Tuichawng and Chawngtelui, extensive exploitation of the rivers for fish, etc. and deforestation of the catchment areas. He, however, appreciated the Mizo people residing Chawngte-L and Chawngte-P for their success in preserving forest areas and rivers on their sides. The SDO while speaking stated that his own experience in Chawngte brought him face to face with a very unique problem with regards to many government services like electricity, civil supply and roads which are being dealt by the offices in Lunglei district although Chawnte RD block is in Lawngtlai district.

Raja Devasish Roy leaves for home after 5 days of historic trip to Chakma areas of Mizoram

His Excellency Raja Debashish Roy being welcomed at CADC by Dangu Rasik Mohan Chakma, CEM, CADC.

Kamalanagar, 26 February 2019: His Majesty Raja Devasish Roy, the titular King of the Chakmas, who has set foot in Chakma Autonomous District Council on 22nd February for his historic first visit of the Chakmas of Mizoram has left for home today after a memorable encounter with his fellow community people for 5 days. Chakmas of CHT of Bangladesh and of Mizoram of India today live in two different nations caused by the partition of India.

A warm official reception at Kamalanagar was organized with red carpet on the day he arrived by helicopter. The people became euphoric on learning the Raja visiting the Chakmas of Mizoram and people from far and near came to meet him.

NGOs and Civil societies like the Young Chakma Association, Chakma Mahila Samiti, Mizoram Chakma Students Union, Mizoram Buddhist Association, Chakma National Council of India, Tarum, etc. called on the Raja and discussed a range of issues pertaining to the future of the Chakmas as a community, Chakma language and script, maintaining connection among the Chakmas of the three nations and of the world, social reform and education.

A joint appeal was submitted urging the people of Chittagong Hill Tracts to maintain peace and brotherhood among the different indigenous races of CHT. The appeal categorically stated that the CHT crisis would get resolved with the restoration of right to self-determination and right over land while striving to achieve these by living within CHT and not by fleeing to other parts of the world.

The Chakma language scholars and District School Education Board officials met the Raja and presented him with Chakma language text books taught in CADC schools and it was felt necessary to hold a seminar with all stakeholders from the three nations to come to agree on a common set of Chakma script. Today, Chakmas living in India, Bangladesh and Myanmar use the Chakma script with slight variation in form and numbers of alphabets.

The Raja attending the celebration of birth centenary of His Holiness Ven. Sadhanananda Mahathera (Bana bhante) at Mahamuni Buddha Vihara stressed on the need to develop in spirituality by cultivating the four Brahma Viharas namely Metta(loving kindness), Karuna(compassion), Mudita(sympathetic joy) and Upeksha(equanimity) as professed by the Buddha.

During his stay he visited a number of villages and went to Borapansury and Demagiri.

Earlier, on arrival at Aizawl he called on Pu Zoramthanga, Chief Minister, Mizoram and presented him a number of books on the History, Culture, Customs, Traditions and Administrative system of the Chakmas and other indigenous people of CHT written by him, his late father Raja Tridiv Roy and others. Pu Zoramthanga fondly recalled how he met Raja Tridiv Roy a number of times in Dhaka, Islamabad and Rangamati during his days of insurgency. He also remarked how construction of Kaptai dam across river Karnafuli of CHT tragically affected the Chakmas.

Rs.10 crore sanctioned for town roads in CADC

Kamalanagar, 15 February 2019: Dangu Rasik Mohan Chakma, Chief Executive Member, CADC on his last call with the Chief Minister Pu Zoramthanga was assured for taking up of town roads in CADC for black topping and in a turn of positive development this has been materialized with a sanction of Rs.10 Crore under the current financial year.

The internal town roads of Kamalanagar, Borapansury and Longpuighat shall be taken up under the sanctioned amount as informed to the CEM over telephone by the state PWD officials of Chawngte sub-division. The CEM is camping at Aizawl.

On 13th February on the advice of the Chief Minister, Dangu Rasik Mohan Chakma called on the Engineer-in-Chief, PWD and apprised him of his meeting with the Chief Minister while making a written submission for taking up of the town roads in CADC for black topping. The Engineer-in-Chief apprised Mr. Chakma of a meeting next day and assured to take up the matter in it.

Yesterday, the PWD officials of Chawngte Sub-Division confirmed over telephone that Rs.10 Crore has been sanctioned for black topping of the town roads. The work shall be executed by the state PWD.