Executive Committee-09-10-2021 to 9-05-2022

The Executive Committee is responsible for the administration and implementation of various programmes and schemes in the Chakma Autonomous District Council through the various departments. The Executive Committee is headed by the Chief Executive Member. The Executive Committee comprises 8 Executive Members including the Chief Executive Member. Full executive committee formation is pending formation.

Rasik Mohan Chakma Chief Executive Member, CADC
Rasik Mohan Chakma
Chief Executive Member, CADC

Shri Rasik Mohan Chakma
Chief Executive Member, i/c

  1. General Administration & Control Department:
    1. Appointments, postings & transfers.
    2. Financial Affairs
    3. Vigilance.
  2. Planning & Development Department.
  3. Public Works Department.
  4. School Education including SSA & DSEB.
  5. Information & Public Relations Department.
  6. & Any other subject not specified.

H. Amaresh Chakma, Executive Member
H. Amaresh Chakma
Executive Member

Shri H. Amaresh Chakma
Executive Member, i/c

  1. Local Administration Department
  2. Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation
  3. Adult Education Department
  4. Soil & Water Conservation Department
Amit Kumar Chakma, Executive Member
Amit Kumar Chakma
Executive Member

Shri Amit Kumar Chakma
Executive Member, i/c

  1. Land Revenue & Settlement Department.
  2. Fishery Department.
  3. Fire & Emergency Services.
  4. Minor Irrigation.
Lakkhan Chakma, Executive Member
Lakkhan Chakma
Executive Member

Shri Lakkhan Chakma
Executive Member, i/c

  1. Rural Development.
  2. Agriculture.
  3. Horticulture.
  4. AH & Vety Department.
Ajoy Chakma, Executive Member
Ajoy Chakma
Executive Member

Shri Ajoy Chakma
Executive Member, i/c

  1. Arts & Culture Department.
  2. Sports & Youth Services Department.
  3. Co-operation Department.
  4. Sanitation Department.
Onish Moy Chakma, Executive Member
Onish Moy Chakma
Executive Member

Shri Onish Moy Chakma
Executive Member, i/c

  1. Taxation Department.
  2. Sericulture Department.
  3. Water Ways Department.
  4. Industry Department.
Charan Singh Chakma, Executive Member
Charan Singh Chakma
Executive Member

Shri Charan Singh Chakma
Executive Member, i/c

  1. Law & Judicial Department.
  2. Environment, Forest & Climate Change Department
  3. Relief & Rehabilitation Department.
Kusum Lota Singh Chakma, Executive Member
Kusum Lota Singh Chakma
Executive Member

Smt. Kusum Lota Chakma
Executive Member, i/c

  1. Road Transport Development.
  2. Social Welfare Department.
  3. PHE.
  4. Employment & Statistics.