Community Welfare Programme By 1st BN CRPF At Kamalanagar

Kamalanagar, September 18: The 1st Battalion, the parent battalion of the CRPF deployed in Mizoram has arranged a community welfare programme today at Kamalanagar providing with safe drinking water devices at the Community Health Centre, Chawngte and Kamalanagar Public School, malaria detection kits to the public and installed a street solar light near Mahamuni Buddha Vihar junction. The water purifying devices were fitted to an overhead water tank mounted over a concrete platform.

Β They have been rendering community services around the state, under the Civic Action Programme. Under the same programme, they have earlier in March 2010 distributed First Aid boxes with medicine, bookshelf with books and footballs at schools in Kamalanagar.

The Commandant of the Battalion Shri Vinay Kumar Tripathi took all the pain to come all over from Aizawl to grace the occasion and interacted with the local people, school children and college going students. He also paid a visit to a 25 years old Buddhist Temple at the heart of Kamalanagar and paid his homage. While speaking on the occasion he said that the Ministry of Home Affairs keeps fund provision to be utilized for the welfare of the community and so this year it was intended to provide safe drinking water besides other things. The Programme could be successful with the effort of Officer Commanding, Inspector S. N. Ojha with cooperation from the civil authority.

The Objective of the Civic Action Programme is to bridge the gap that exists between the Force community and the Civilians and create a cordial and healthy relation and bring about understanding and cooperation among the two. It is done with the hope that the programme of this nature would one day help change the perception of the people for the Force community from one of brute and coercion into one of security, help and a friend.