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Two amendment bills introduced in CADC Winter Session

Kamalanagar, 16 December, 2019: The CADC Winter Session 2019 started today and two amendment bills namely CADC (Election to Village Councils) (Amendment) Rules, 2019 and CADC (Forest) (Amendment) Act, 2019 were introduced.

The proceeding began with obituary service to Dg. Sukra Muni Chakma (1935-2019), former MDC and Executive Member, CADC who had passed away on 10th Dec.’ 2019. His contributions to the society especially in pioneering establishment of Primary, Middle and High schools at Borapansury were remembered while serving as VCP of Borapansury for many terms.

During the question hour while answering to a question put by Ajay Kumar Chakma, MDC on the appointment of two new staff under Legislative Department, the CEM explained that due process of recruitment were conducted in 2011. However, the result was not published for reason unknown and to that effect a representation was received from the aggrieved candidates. Acting upon the representation an enquiry committee was constituted to look into the matter and subsequently, result was published and appointment given to the meritorious candidates.

To another question put by Dg. Shanti Jiban Chakma, MDC it was answered that in 2019 five in-service and 28 pre-service trainees were sent for training for various technical courses. It has been clarified that CADC is sponsoring the candidates of pre-service training.

The CADC (Election to Village Councils) (Amendment) Rules, 2019 was introduced by Dg. Uday Tongchangya, EM i/c LAD and the bill seeks to specify age limit for a contesting candidate, to use a single common ballot box, to hold the counting of votes after handover of ballot boxes to Returning Officer and to empower the Executive Committee, CADC to suspend a Village Council Executive Body in case of equality of votes for the election of President of the Village Council.

Dg. Durjyadhan Chakma, EM i/c Forest, etc. introduced the CADC (Forest) (Amendment) Bill, 2019. The amendment bill provides to constitute village forest reserve for collective benefit of the village community, demarcation of their boundary and to introduce prohibition of Jhuming in Village Safety reserve, village supply reserve, town station reserve and Council Reserve Forest.

The two amendment bills will be discussed and voted in the next sitting to be held on 20/12/2019.

CADC Budget, 2019-20 passed; Monsoon Session prorogued

Kamalanagar, 21 August, 2019: Chakma Autonomous District Council’s Budget for the current financial year for an amount of Rs.95,28,98,000/- was passed today after discussion and voting.

93% of the budget figure accounts for payment of salary of employees and the rest is for administrative cost and some minor developmental works. The budget has allocated a larger share of its non-salary components towards school education. Admission fees for school children have been stopped and admission made free. Funds have been allocated for repairing schools, providing school furniture and free text books to students in full set. The budget has retained the MDC Local Area Development fund of Rs.5 Lakh per MDC constituency. There is a deficit of Rs. Rs.11,49,23,000/- against salary for which representation for additional fund to the state government has been submitted.

Rs.6,78,02,260/- was contributed to the Employees’ Pension Contributory Fund out of normal Grant-in-Aid, State Finance Commission Grants Fund, 2018-19 by the present Executive Committee.

The CADC Land and Revenue Rule, 2019 which was introduced in the first sitting of the Session held on 16/8/2019 was discussed and passed by a majority vote in today’s sitting. 15 Members voted in favour, while 7 Members voted against. The bill mover Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, CEM, CADC stated that because of absence of a rule till date the revenue administration has fared badly in respect of revenue generation out of land taxes and maintenance of land records. The Land and Revenue Act 2002 which was gazetted 16 years back mandates that rules shall be made to carry out the provisions of the Act.

Today’s sitting also discussed and passed the CADC Biological Diversity Rule 2019 which was introduced in the second sitting of the Monsoon Session.

The sitting answered seven unstarred questions put by the Members of the opposition bench during the Question Hours.

The Monsoon Session concluded with today’s sitting. The Session in all has passed two bills and one official resolution and answered 32 questions put by Members of the opposition bench.

Resolution to appoint 19 Group A & B Gazetted Officers passed in the Monsoon Session

Kamalanagar, 20 August, 2019: Today in the third sitting of the CADC Monsoon Session, the official resolution to appoint 19 Group A & B Gazetted officers was passed with majority vote. 16 Members voted in favour, 3 against while 4 abstained from voting.

The resolution was moved in the first sitting of the session held on 16/8/2019 by Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, CEM, CADC. He sought support in favour of the resolution stating that a huge shortage of officers would follow in a year or two with a number of officers of CADC due for retirement. Had there been appointment of Group A&B Gazetted officers in the last 10 years the gap that has built up would not have been there, he said while arguing in favour of the resolution.

In the course of the discussion of the resolution the CEM, CADC clarified to the Members in the opposition bench that prior approval for appointment is only required for Gazetted officers and for creation of new posts.

Rule 28(2)(g) of the CADC (Constitution, Conduct of Business, etc.) Rules 2002 has it that approval of the governor be obtained for appointment of Gazetted officers of CADC. The resolution so passed today will be referred to the governor for his approval.

The matter of the standing order issued by the governor in 2016 requiring to take his approval in matters of appointment of any category of post also came up during the discussion. This was also clarified by Dg. Lakhi Dhan Chakma, Executive Member who stated the said order had been already challenged in the court of law by LADC and was quashed and is no more valid.

Dg. Uday Tongchangya, Executive Member i/c Local Administration Department laid the dissolution of four village councils of CADC for the information of the Members and discussion in the House. The village councils that have been dissolved in last couple of months are Kamalanagar-III, Nalbonya, Chotapansury and Baranasury. Rule 26(3) of the CADC Village Council Act, 2003 requires that all papers connected with dissolution of any village council be laid in the first Session of the District Council after its dissolution for discussion of the Members.

The sitting answered six unstarred questions put by the Members of the opposition bench during the Question Hours.

The CADC Biological Diversity Rules’ 2019 introduced in the Monsoon Session

Kamalanagar, 19 August, 2019: The second sitting of the CADC Monsoon Session which was held today introduced the CADC Biological Diversity Rules’ 2019. The bill was introduced by Dg. Durjya Dhan Chakma, Executive Member i/c Forest, Environment and Climate Change Department. It will be discussed and voted in the fourth sitting scheduled on 21/8/2019.

If the bill gets legislated it will provide for formation of Biodiversity Management Committee in every village which will implement environmental programmes and schemes of the central government.

The CADC Trading Regulation, 2016 which received the assent of the Governor on 2/12/2016 and published in the Gazette was laid in the House today by Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, CEM, CADC. The Regulation provides for control of trades within CADC area. It deals with issue of licence for different category of traders and fees thereof besides other trade related matters.

The Mizoram State Biological Diversity Rules’ 2010 was also laid in the House by Dg. Durjya Dhan Chakma, Executive Member and moved for its adoption in the CADC.

The sitting answered six unstarred questions put by the Members in the opposition bench.

Monsoon Session of CADC started; Regular full Budget presented

Kamalanagar, 16 August, 2019: The regular Budget of CADC for the current financial year was presented today in the first sitting of the Monsoon Session, 2019 for an amount of Rs.95,28,98,000/-. The first four months of the current financial year had to be transacted on Vote On Accounts as regular full budget could not be passed due to election model code of conduct coming into force following announcement of Lok Sabha election.

Of the allocated budget figure of Rs.95,28,98,000/- the amount earmarked for salary is Rs.88,15,62,000/- which 93% of total revenue account. The remaining 7% is meant for administrative costs and minor works for development purpose.

The salary estimated in the expenditure head of the budget accounts for a salary deficit of Rs.11,49,23,000/-. The CEM, CADC Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma in his budget speech stated that representation to the state government has been made for additional fund to meet the deficit in salary.

To meet the ever increasing payment towards pension of retired employees Rs.6,78,02,260/- has been contributed by CADC to the Employees Pension Fund out of normal Grant-in-Aid, State Finance Commission Grants Fund, 2018-19, the CEM said in his speech while stating that as many as 25 number of employees are retiring from service in the current financial year.
The Budget allocated a larger share of the meager amount left for developmental works towards reviving the schools that has remained neglected.

Today’s sitting also show an official resolution being moved by CEM, CADC on appointment of Group A and Group B Officers of CADC. The resolution sought to appoint as many as 19 numbers of officers during 2019-20 under different departments.

The CEM, CADC also introduced a bill seeking to legislate the CADC (Land and Revenue) Rules, 2019 under powers conferred by section 21 of CADC (Land and Revenue) Act, 2002.

The Question Hours of the sitting answered five unstarred questions put by different members of the opposition bench.

Nominated MDCs of CADC sworn-in

Kamalanagar, 05 July, 2019: Shri Lal Moni Chakma s/o Adi Chandra Chakma, Shri P. Thantluanga s/o P. Sangrothanga, Smt. Milon Sushi Chakma w/o Guna Sindu Chakma and Smt. Namita Chakma d/o Shanti Moy Chakma who were appointed as Nominated Members of Chakma Autonomous District Council on 4/7/2019 have been sworn-in today in the Session Hall of CADC. Shri H. Amaresh Chakma, Chairman, CADC administered the oath to the Members.

Earlier, on 12/3/2019, the Governor issued a similar notification appointing the same persons as nominated MDC. However, the notification had to be suspended on 15/3/2019 due to election model code of conduct coming into force following the announcement of election to the 17th Lok Sabha.

Out of the four nominated members at least two have to be women as provided under Rule 7 of CADC (CCB) Rules 2002.

Charan Singh Chakma, newly elected MDC was sworn-in

Kamalanagar, 11 June, 2019: Dangu Charan Singh Chakma, who has won the bye-election to Ugudasury ‘S’ MDC Constituency of Chakma Autonomous District Council held on 6th June, 2019 was sworn-in today in the Session Hall of CADC. The oath was administered by Dangu H. Amaresh Chakma, Chairman, CADC.

The Ugudasury ‘S’ MDC seat had fallen vacant following the untimely demise of the incumbent MDC, Dangu Pranab Kumar Chakma who won the seat in the General Election held in April 2018.

The MNF party retained the seat with the win by Dangu Charan Singh Chakma. Dg. Charan Singh Chakma defeated his opponent Dg. Susen Chakma, a veteran politician, fielded by the BJP by a margin of 205 votes. He contested the election by resigning from his government service under CADC.

Dangu H. Amaresh Chakma elected as Chairman, CADC

Kamalanagar, 31 January 2019: The office of the Chairman, Chakma Autonomous District Council which had fallen vacant with the removal of Dangu Buddhalila Chakma from the office was filled up today in an election. Dangu H. Amaresh Chakma, MDC was elected uncontested with no member filing nomination for a contest.

Dangu H. Amaresh Chakma, Chairman, CADC

Dangu H. Amaresh Chakma, Chairman, CADC

Dangu Buddhalila Chakma, the previous Chairman, was removed from office in a no-confidence motion in the CADC Winter Session held on 14th January 2019.

Dangu H. Amaresh Chakma who contested the 10th MDC General Election held in April 2018 with the MNF party ticket won from 6-Kamalanagar South MDC Constituency. It is his third consecutive term since winning for the first time in 2008.

With the new Chairman assuming office, the Deputy Chairman, Dangu Durjya Dhan Chakma tendered resignation from office. When asked the reason for resignation by Dangu Durjya Dhan Chakma, the CEM CADC said that Durjya Dhan Chakma shall be appointed as Executive Member in the new Executive Committee.

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Dg. Shanti Jiban Chakma, CEM loses trust vote

Opposition led by Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma proves majority in the floor test

Pu N. Chakai conducting the floor test
Pu N. Chakai conducting the floor test

Kamalanagar, January 18, 2019: In the floor test of Chakma Autonomous District Council conducted today under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner, Lawngtlai at the behest of the Governor,Dg. Shanti Jiban Chakma incumbent Chief Executive Member, CADC lost the trust vote to Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, leader of the opposition. 

Dg. Shanti Jiban Chakma secured 1(vote) in his favour while 11(eleven) MDCs raised hands in favour of Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma. 

The Governor, yesterday, issued a notification calling for conduct of floor test of CADC to end the poltical impasse over claim of majority. The sub-rule (6) of rule 33 of CADC (Constitution, Conduct of Business, etc.) Rules 2002 empowers the Governor to summon the Chakma District Council at anytime he deems necessary in the interest of the public. 

Floor test being conducted at CADC
Floor test being conducted at CADC

Earlier, in the recently concluded CADC Winter Session held from 14th to 15th January the opposition MNF removed the CEM and Chairman through no-confidence motion and subsequently, claimed majority to form the new Executive Committee of CADC. On the other hand, the parties in the treasury bench cried foul play and demanded Governor’s intervention. 

In order to ascertain the claim of majority by two groups, the Governor ordered for the floor test to be conducted by the Deputy Commissioner, Lawngtlai for free and fair transaction of business.