75th India Independence Day celebrated at Kamalanagar, CADC

Kamalanagar, 15 August, 2021: The 75th Independence Day of India was celebrated today in the Kamalanagar football playground organized by the Sub-Divisional Office, Chawngte while keeping the celebration low-key in view of the raging covid-19 pandemic. The ceremonial march-past and cultural programmes which usually mark the celebration of this Day have been skipped to ensure public mass gatherings are avoided.

The programme was attended by the Sub-Divisional Officer, Chawngte, councilors of CADC, officials of CADC and state government offices and NGO and Village Council leaders.

Dg. Durjya Dhan Chakma, Hon’ble CEM, CADC who graced the occasion as its Chief Guest lauded the Chawngte medical team, district administration, CYCA, MCSU, CMS, YMA, CADC employees and village level volunteers for their untiring effort in the fight against the deadly covid-19 pandemic while expressing gratitude to Pu Robert Romawia Royte, Hon’ble MOS, Dr. R. Lalthangliana, Health Minister and International Buddhist Confederation for their timely contribution to equip the Covid Care Centers set up in CADC.

The CEM in his speech highlighted the various developmental activities being undertaken in CADC notwithstanding the hurdles caused by the pandemic. He has stated that more could have been achieved had it not been for the pandemic which have hit the pace of work progress.

Earlier, in the morning Dg. Mohan Chakma, Chairman, CADC hoisted the national flag in the premises of CADC secretariat in the presence of the employees of CADC and his colleague councillors who in his address to the gathering also shared the various developmental activities that are being undertaken within CADC.

The various developmental works that found mention in the speech of the CEM, CADC and Chairman, CADC are:

A. Chief Executive Member Relief Fund:

“Chief Executive Member Relief Fund” (CEMRF) of Chakma Autonomous District Council was established entirely with public contributions to render immediate relief to families of those affected by natural calamaties like Covid pandemic, floods, cyclones, earthquakes etc. and to the victims of fire, major accidents etc.

As of date a sum of Rs.19,26,424.00 was received under CEMRF and a sum of Rs. 5,38,984.00 was utilised out of the fund.

a. Established 2 (two) Covid Care Centres at Kamalanagar & Borapansury.

b. Established 3(three) Community Covid Care Centres at Kamalanagar, Longpuighat & Damdep-I.

c. Established one Quarantine Centre at Kamalanagar for suspected Covid-19 infected persons who do not have facility to isolate themselves from other members of the family.

d. Distributed free ration for the month of April 2021 to the villagers of Barkalak & Semeisury.

e. Distributed 80 bags of rice to the needy families of Kamalanagar Town.

f. Provided 2 (two) vehicles for mobilization of frontline workers.

g. Provided financial assistance to NGOs for the management of Covid Care Centres and other Covid 19 related activities.

h. Provided financial assistance to the village level task forces of the 10 (ten) villages within Kamalanagar Town area.

i. Engaged two trained laboratory technician on temporary basis whose remuneration is borne out of the CADC Covid Care Fund.

j. Engaged fourth grade worker at Covid Care Centre on temporary basis for disposal of waste materials whose remuneration is borne out of the CADC Covid Care Fund.

B. Education :

Administrative approval for an amount of Rs, 308.71 Lakhs under NEC was allocated for construction of 10 schools at a cost of Rs, 30,87,075 Lakhs per school. These Schools are:-

  1. Chhotokobakhali Primary School
  2. Udalthana II Primary School
  3. Sangrasury Primary School
  4. Ajasora II Primary School
  5. Golasury Primary School
  6. Borakobakhali Primary School
  7. Ludisora Primary School
  8. Parva III Primary School
  9. PM Memorial P/S, Kurvalovasora
  10. Construction of Comph. M/S, Aratinagar.

C. Agriculture :

Administrative approval for an amount of Rs, 295.68 Lakhs was received for Rice Area Expansion (Land development of WRC in valley plain) under Community Development Programme, NEC. An amount of Rs, 10 Lakhs was released towards non-recurring grants for creation of capital assets as part of 40% of Ist Installment).

The scheme is to be implemented in 17 villages and a total of 115.7 Hectres land to be developed under this scheme.

  1. Parva area : 6 Hac.
  2. Barapansury area :7 Hac.
  3. Kurbalovasora area :7 Hac.
  4. Chhotapansury area :6 Hac.
  5. Ajasora area : 7 Hac.
  6. Chhotaguisury area: 7 Hac.
  7. Bilosora area : 7 Hac.
  8. Devasora North area: 6 Hac.
  9. Devasora south area: 7 Hac.
  10. Barkalak area:7 Hac.
  11. Jaruldubasora area: 7 Hac.
  12. Longpuighat area: 7 Hac.
  13. Maniabapsora area: 7 Hac.
  14. Udalthana area: 7 Hac.
  15. Mandirosora area: 7 Hac.
  16. Baraguisury area: 7 Hac.
  17. Ugudasury S area: 6.7 Hac.

Total area covered : 115.7 Hac.

D . Infrastructures Development under BADP Scheme:

  1. KCM Primary School at Kamalanagar-VI(30 lakhs)
  2. Nagdarasora Primary School(20 Lakhs)
  3. Chhotapansury CMS (22 Lakhs)
  4. Golasury Primary School (20 Lakhs)
  5. Silsury Primary School (22 Lakhs)
  6. Construction of Primary School at Barkalak(20 lakhs)
  7. Construction of Community Hall at Saizawh W (20 Lakhs)
  8. Construction of Community Hall at Parva-III (25 lakhs)
  9. Construction of Youth Recreational & Skill Development Centre at K-IV (30 Lakhs).
  10. Construction of Public Library Building at K-I (20 lakhs)
  11. PCC Pavement from IBB Fencing to Ludisora (Rs.30 Lakhs)
    12.Const. of road from Udalthana to Gulsingbapsora via Bormon (Rs.120 Lakhs) (Formation cutting)
  12. Const. of RCC Bridge over Boraguisury River between Damdep-III & Boraguisury (Rs.30 Lakhs)
  13. Water Lifting system through submersible Pump set at Damdep-I (Rs.40 Lakhs).

E. Pisciculture:

Administrative approval for an amount of Rs, 298 Lakhs was received for development of fisheries within CADC under Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY). A Total of 80 beneficiaries will be benefitted & two Hatcheries be developed under this scheme.

F. Infrastructures Development Projects santioned under PMJVK:

  1. Girls hostel at chawngte Rs.282.8 Lakhs
  2. Volleyball Court at Chawngte C Rs.32.87 lakhs
  3. Basketball Court at Chawngte P Rs.108.07 Lakhs
  4. Community service centre at Chawngte Rs.140 Lakhs
  5. Artificial football turf at chawngte Rs.532.5 Lakhs

G. Public Health Engineering

  1. Chawngte Rural Drinking Water Supply Scheme under NABARD (Rs.900 Lakhs during 2020-2021).
  2. Installation of Gravity Water supply at Ludisora under JJM (Rs.84 Lakhs during 2020-2021).
  3. Installation of Gravity Water supply at Parva under JJM (Rs.84 Lakhs during 2020-2021).

H . Construction of Road under PMGSY:

  1. Chawngte C to Jamersury (1804.77 lakhs)
  2. Jamersury to Mandirasora (596.26 lakhs)
  3. Mondirasora to Ajasora (886.70 lakhs)
  4. Chhotapansury to Tungasora (572.54 lakhs)
  5. Ngarum to Rajmandal (1124.41 lakhs)
  6. Udalthana to Nalbonya (314.78 lakhs)
  7. Boroituli to Jaruldubasora (567.48 lakhs)
  8. Maninabapsora I to Mainabapsora-II (247.13 lakhs)
  9. Parva-II to Bundukbanga (648.42 lakhs)
  10. Vaseitlang to lokhisury (1541.86 lakhs)
  11. Parva-II to Kamtuli (4188.40 lakhs)
  12. Vaseitlang to Mainabapsora-I (2193.20 lakhs)
  13. Chawngte P to Sumsilui (378.11 lakhs)
  14. Sumsilui to Jognasury (1208.27 lakhs)
  15. Sedailui to Tuikurlui (285.06 lakhs)

I. Accorded provision for Financial Assistance to Poultry & Piggery farmers to 666 families under Animal Husbandry & Vety Department under CADC.

J. Set up CADC Brick Kiln to augment revenue generation.