Governance Overview

System of Governance in the Council has been structured on the basic frames of Modern Democratic system of Government with Legislative, Executive and Judicial organs.

So far, the CADCโ€™s Legislature has seen eight Councils. The first council was constituted with only five members who were nominated by the Administrator of Mizoram U.T. in April 1972 and the election to the first elected council was held on 26th December 1972. Since then various Acts, Rules and Regulation have been enacted by the Chakma Autonomous District Council from time to time. Presently, the Council consists of 17 elected members and four nominated members.

The Chakma Autonomous District Council has an Executive Committee consisting of Seven Members headed by a Chief Executive Member. Major decision and policy formulation are executed by the Executive Committee.

Although, the Council has a Judicial wing but it is yet to be elevated to an independent institution in the pattern of the countryโ€™s judicial system. The Judicial Court in the Chakma Autonomous District Council was constituted in the year 1972 under the provisions of โ€˜Pawi-Lakher Autonomous Region (Administrative of Justice) Rules, 1954โ€™. The Judiciary in the Chakma Autonomous District Council is a three tier institution viz. (a) the Village Council Courts, the lowest court, (b) the Subordinate district Council Courts, the intermediate court and (c) the District Council Court, the appellate court.