Rate of Fees

The rate of fees and other charges for obtaining the required information has been fixed as under:

  1. Application fees:                                                              Rs. 20 – per application.
  2. Other fees and charges:
Sl. No. Details of information required Price in Rs.
1. Any information available in the form of publication Actual price of publication
a) Information provided in:
   i) A-4, A-3, FS, Legal size paper, Rs.5/- per page or the actual cost.
   ii) Large size paper, Amount of actual cost.
   iii) For sample model or photographs, Amount of actual cost.
   iv) For inspection of records, No fees for the first half an hour and thereafter Rs.20/- for each half an hour.
   v) For information to be furnished in Floppy or a disc wherever possible Minimum Rs.60/- per floppy or disc or actual cost.

No fees and charges shall be payable by a person belonging to the Below Poverty Line (BPL) families.


As per notification issued vide No.F/12011/1/2018/CADC(RTI) dated Kamalanagar, 29th August, 2018, RTI applications shall not be accepted through electronic means for the time being, owing to non-reliability of internet connectivity at Kamalanagar. RTI applications shall continue to be accepted in person or through post.