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Dg. Supreme Raj Chakma Sworn in as Executive Member of the 11th CADC

Kamalanagar, 21 May 2024: Dg. Supreme Raj Chakma, MDC, has been officially sworn in as an Executive Member of the 11th Chakma Autonomous District Council in a ceremony held today at the Arts & Culture Hall, Kamalanagar. His appointment, recommended by the Chief Executive Member of CADC, was approved by the Governor of Mizoram on May 7, 2024.

Pi B. Malsawmtluangi, MCS, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Lawngtlai, administered the Oath of Office and Secrecy in the presence of CADC councilors, officials and other dignitaries.

Dg. Supreme Raj Chakma was elected as an MDC from the 3-Chhotapansury Constituency on Indian National Congress (INC) party ticket in the CADC General Election, 2023, and later joined the MNF party. This marked his successful debut in electoral politics. He holds a law degree from University of Delhi, and had been a practicing lawyer before joining politics.

The Chief Executive Member & MLA, Mizoram, Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, addressing the gathering, warmly congratulated the newly sworn-in Executive Member and expressed confidence in his capabilities. He emphasized the significance of this momentous day, noting that his swearing-in completes the 11th Executive Committee of CADC which also coincides with current Executive Committeeโ€™s successful completion of one year in office.

Reflecting on the various challenges faced, he commended the present Executive Committee for its commitment to good governance. He firmly asserted that the Executive Committee bears no blame for any shortcomings and highlighted its marked improvement over previous administrations. He expressed his commitment to uphold this standard and sought the support of all stakeholders to continue serving the people with dedication.

He also expressed concern over certain elements within the Chakma society propagating negativity driven by hatred, and emphasized the need to discard such detrimental mindsets for the brighter future of the community.

FIR lodged over unauthorized tree-felling in CADC Reserved Forest

Kamalanagar, 17 May 2024: The Environment, Forest & Climate Change Department of the Chakma Autonomous District Council has taken a decisive action against illegal deforestation activities in Borapansury. On 15 May, 2024, an FIR was lodged with the Borapansury Police Station against Shri Bira Kumar Chakma of Borapansury-II, for unauthorized felling of trees for jhum cultivation in the reserved forest area.

The FIR, filed by Shri Daya Moy Dhammei, District Council Conservator of Forests, stated that Bira Kumar Chakma has been engaged in felling of trees in the Village Forest Reserved of Borapansury-I, covering approximately 8.5 hectares. This act violates Sections 14 and 15 of the CADC Forest Act, 1992, which strictly prohibits the unauthorized use of reserved forest areas.

The complaint further cited a notification issued by the Government of Mizoram on April 20, 2020, which cancelled all agricultural land passes within notified reserved forests. In compliance, the Executive Committee of CADC cancelled all the passes including that of Shri Bira Kumar Chakma within the Village Supply Reserved Forest of Borapansury-I & II on October 9, 2023. As a result, he no longer has any legal right to use the land.

The Village Council President of Borapansury-I, had earlier lodged complaints against Shri Bira Kumar Chakma for his encroachment and illegal activities. Despite multiple requests and a warning letter issued by the District Council Conservator of Forests on March 4, 2024, directing him to stop all activities, he continued his illegal activities.

The FIR further stated that Shri Bira Kumar Chakma had breached state governmentโ€™s directives by burning jhum beyond the prescribed deadline of March 15, 2024. It was observed that he conducted the burning on April 23, 2024, violating the guidelines set by the Fire Prevention Committee of the state and district.

In light of these persistent violations, the complainant has urged the authorities to arrest Shri Bira Kumar Chakma and take appropriate legal action to prevent further illegal activities.

CADC Budget (2024-2025) presented in the Second sitting of Budget Session

Kamalanagar, 10th April, 2024: In the second sitting of the ongoing Budget Session of the 11th Chakma Autonomous District Council held today, the house leader and Chief Executive Member, Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, presented the second Budget of the 11th Chakma Autonomous District Council for the fiscal year 2024-2025. The budget will be discussed and voted on April 16th, 2024.

The Supplementary Demand for Grants, 2023-24 & Re-appropriation of Local Receipts Fund, 2022-23 and Demand for Grants, 2023-24 (Budget Estimate) has been presented before the house for the discussion and approval of the members. The Supplementary Demand for Grants for the fiscal year 2023-24 is for an amount of Rs. 2656.86 lakhs against salary under Normal Grants-in-Aid.

The Local Receipts for the fiscal year 2023-2024 was for an amount of 147.24 lakhs against a target of Rs. 159.75 lakhs. The CEM attributed the shortfall of Rs.12.51 lakhs to the non-production of bricks, meagre collection of fees from markets, poor receipt of rent from buildings. He asserted that much emphasis shall be given to fulfil the budgetary target of revenue collection for this fiscal year. Therefore, he proposed the Accounts on the Expenditure of Local Receipts for the fiscal year 2023-24 to be re-appropriated and presented department-wise for information and approval of the house.

The house leader in his speech informed that unlike the budgetary allocation of previous financial years, this year the State government has not specified Salary and Non-Salary separately, other than Village Council Remuneration which is 67.36 lakhs against the salary head and Rs.77.98 lakhs against the non-salary head.  The salary requirement and normal Grants-in-Aid is estimated to be Rs.19793.49 lakhs. The Account of Receipts and Expenditure shows a deficit of Rs.5418 lakhs, which he said is expected to be covered up with supplementary demands for grants from the State government. He expressed optimism that the state government will allocate the required fund in due course of time.

He also highlighted some notable achievements accomplished by the CADC during the fiscal year 2023-24 despite acute financial constraints, such as constructions of Revenue Circle offices, installations of Integrated Land Records Management System, Publication of text books on moral education, publication of Changmha text books for Classes-I to VIII, CADC calendars and Choice of the people charts, repairing of school buildings, purchase and distributions of text books, school uniforms to pre-primary students, conduct of common examination for classes-IV and Class-VIII, financial assistance to piggery, poultry, duckery, goat rearing, cattle farming to 666 families under Normal Grants-in-Aid. In concluding his Budget Speech, the house leader thanked all the members of the house and presented the Supplementary Demand for Grants, 2023-24 & Reappropriation of Local Receipts Fund, 2023-24 and Demands for Grants, (Budget Estimate), 2024-2025 before the house for consideration and approval. With no other businesses remaining to be transacted, the sitting was adjourned.

CADC enacts legislation to regulate cremation and burial practices

Kamalanagar, 9th March, 2024: The first sitting of the Budget Session, 2024-2025, of the 11th Chakma Autonomous District Council, which was held today saw the successful passage of two Bills: The Chakma Autonomous District Council (Constitution, Conduct of Business, etc.) (Seventh Amendment) Rules, 2024, and The Chakma Autonomous District Council (Management and Control of Cremation and Burial Grounds) Bill, 2024.

The first Bill, presented by the house leader and Chief Executive Member, Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, proposed several amendments to the CADC (CCB etc.) Rules, 2002, for effective functioning of the CADC. One of the notable provisions was the introduction of a new Chakma version of Oath of Affirmation to be made by members as well as Oath of Secrecy for Executive Members of CADC.

The second Bill, The Chakma Autonomous District Council (Management and Control of Cremation and Burial Grounds) Bill, 2024, was introduced by the house leader on behalf of Dg. Lakkhan Chakma, Executive Member, i/c LAD, CADC. The Bill seeks to regulate the cremation and burial of dead bodies and ensure proper management and control of common cremation sites in each village. Introducing the Bill, the house leader highlighted the age-old traditional practice among Chakmas of having common cremation grounds in villages, and how the increasing practice of cremation and burial of dead bodies on private lands near residential areas, is adversely affecting public health and hygiene. He said enactment of a regulation to curb this unhealthy practice was the โ€œneed of the hourโ€, and sought the support of the house members for its passage.

Both the Bills were thoroughly discussed in the house, with members from the opposition bench โ€“ Dg. Nirupam Chakma, Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchanggya, and Dg. Doymoy Daveng Chakma โ€“ offering their suggestions regarding certain provisions for enhancing the effectiveness of the proposed legislations. The bills garnered majority support from members of the house and were passed.

The sitting was adjourned with the successful passage of the Bills, with the next sitting scheduled for 10th April, 2024 (Wednesday).

CADC Budget Session 2024-2925 to commence from 9th April


As provided under Sub-Rules (3) & (4) of Rule 33 of the Chaka Autonomous District Council (Constitution. Conduct of Business, etc.) Rules, 2002 and as amended from time to time, the Deputy Chairman, Chakma Autonomous District Council is pleased to summon the Members of the 11th Chakma Autonomous District Council to sit for the Budget Session 2024-2025 to be commenced from 9th April (Tuesday) 2024 at 10.30 A.M. in the Session Hall of Chakma Autonomous District Council, Kamalanagar.

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Results of CCE 2023-24 published by DSEB

Results of the Primary and Middle School Common Examination 2023-2024 published by District School Education Board, CADC.

This is for general information that the results of the Common Question Examination 2023 – 2024 of both Class-IV & VIII respectively conducted by the District School Education Board, Chakma Autonomous District Council, Kamalanagar held in the month of January 29, 2024 is hereby declared and published in details.

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Notification inviting applications for assistance under PMMSY

Administrative approval for an amount of Rs.194.00 lakhs (Rupees one hundred ninety four lakhs) only under Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY) has been received from the Department of Fisheries, Govt. of India, vides F.No.117012/17/2020-Fy (E-17219) Dated the 9th February’ 2024, in respect of Chakma Autonomous District Council during 2023-2024.

In anticipation of sanction of the above mentioned amount, the Fishery Department, Chakma Autonomous District Council invites interested and capable fish farmers to avail assistance against various CSS components of PMMSY.

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