BJP Wins the Mondirasora MDC By-election Under Chakma Council

Kamalanagar, 30 April 2016: The BJP won the Mondirasora MDC by-election of Chakma Autonomous District Council which was held day before yesterday. Three contestants were in the fray, one each from INC, BJP and MNF party. Dangu Onishmoy Chakma, Dangu Laxmi Bikash Chakma and Dangu Purna Chandra were the candidates for INC, BJP and MNF repectively. Dangu Laxmi Bikash Chakma secured 605 votes, Dangu Onish Moy Chakma 369 votes and Dangu Purna Chandra 180 votes.

The seat had fallen vacant after the demise of Dangu Indralal Chakma, the then incumbent MDC on 1/12/2015. He was elected to the 9th Chakma Autonomous District Council from 10-Mandirasora MDC constituency with MNF party ticket during the last MDC general Election held on 17/04/2013.

The Mondirasora MDC constituency is comprised of four village councils namely Adubangasora, Serlui (Jamersuri), Ulusury and Mondirasora. There are 1,217 voters under the constituency. A turnout of 94.82% voters was witnessed.
Besides, on the same day election to 10 (ten) village councils throughout CADC was held. Election to Village Councils of Montola, Charluitlang, Futsury, Lukkisury, Jaruldubasora and Gobasury were held for all the seats. Election to the village councils of Charluitlang and Gobasury could not be held in the last Village council general election because of non-fulfillment of required number of households. The election to the rest of the village councils were caused due to election petition. Election to village councils of Udalthana-I for two seats, Ajasora-II, Borakabakhali-I and Gerasury for one seat each were caused due to either resignation or demise of a member.

Sl. No. No. & Name of village councils No. of seat contested No. of seat won by
1. 16-Montola 7 2 5 Nil
2. 25-Udalthana-I 2 Nil 1 1
3. 37-Ajasora-II 1 Nil 1 Nil
4. 43-Borakabakhali-I 1 Nil 1 (uncontested) Nil
5. 49-Charluitlang 5 Nil 4+1(reserved seat uncontested) Nil
6. 56-Futsury 7 Nil 7 Nil
7. 57-Lukkisury 6 Nil 6 Nil
8. 63-jaruldubasora 7 3 4 Nil
9. 65-Gerasury 1 Nil 1 Nil
10. 80-Gobasury 5 Nil 5 (uncontested) Nil
Total 42 5 36 1