Treasury Office Inaugurated at Kamalanagar

Kamalanagar, February 19: The long felt need of a Treasury at Kamalanagar, the headquarter of Chakma Autonomous District has finally been fulfilled with the inauguration of the Treasury Office here, by the Hon’ble Minister of Finance, Pu H. Liansailova. Today’s event marked the culmination of an effort taken up by successive Governments of CADC for long three decades.

The Hon’ble Minister graced the occasion as its Chief Guest. While speaking on the occasion he made it categorically clear that the Treasury shall function with the status of a District Treasury with independent charges. So far, all Government transactions were executed through the District Treasury at Lawngtlai, some 150 KM from here, which involves a lot of resources and time. Security concern has been one of the prime reasons for taking this long for the Office to get established, Kamalanagar being near the international boundary. The Hon’ble Minister in his speech said that for a nod from the Reserve Bank of India he and Pu Lalthan Hawla, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Mizoram had to approach Mr. P. Chidambaram, Finance Minister, Government of India for treating the case on special consideration.

Pu F. Vanlalruata, Secretary, Finance Department accompanying the Hon’ble Minister, while presenting his technical introductory report told the audience that not only the Chakma Council but all the State Departments offices within the Council shall benefit from the services of the Treasury. From his report it was learnt that the Office shall be run by one Treasury Officer, one Treasury Accountant, three Assistant Treasury Accountant, one LDC and two Grade Fourth staff.

Earlier, in October 2012, the then Finance Secretary to Government of Mizoram Pu Vanlalnghaka was here in connection with the setting up of the Treasury. He left assuring the authorities of CADC with a positive note and finally promise was delivered.