CADC Condemns MCDF’s Propaganada Campaign

Kamalanagar,  August 9: Chakma Autonomous District Council condemns the propaganda campaign unleashed by Mizoram Chakma Development Forum, that is so unfounded, with regards to non-functional PHC at Borapansury. There is enough indication that MCDF may have sold its soul to vested interest for orchestrating this publicity campaign to tarnish the image of CADC despite knowing CADC’s sincere effort with the project.

The present Executive Committee since assuming office in 2008 has been nurturing the hope to provide health care facility to the people of Thega Valley of CADC. It was in the year 2010-2011 the authorities of CADC managed to arrange for fund provision under NRHM and BRGF to create infrastructures to give shape to this vision, dreamt for the people of this locality, by setting up of one flagship building and five quarters for medical staff. CADC government is not sitting idle, caressing these buildings and basking over this achievement but have been working day and night to carry on this vision forward and further. CADC is well aware that the job is not yet complete and hence, has been trying various permutation and combination. Presently, it is under consultation with the Directorate of Health Services, Government of Mizoram to give this project a life under PPP model on the basis of shared fund contribution. Why PPP model? PPP model involves participation of more than one stakeholder and hence, can ensure better service. If the Govt. of Mizoram is convinced, CADC ought to be ready with its share of fund under the model and hence, in anticipation CADC already prepared itself with fund provision to the tune of about Rs.50.00 lakhs under BRGF. This speaks volume of CADC’s sincere intention.

Whereas, instead of appreciating the sincere effort that CADC has put in, so far, to operationalize the PHC, starting with setting up of the required infrastructures, MCDF has been misguiding the public through campaign in the electronic and print media and by distributing leaflets. Had the fund so sanctioned, so far, been not utilized towards the cause, CADC would have welcomed their concern.

MCDF alleging that the CEM, CADC is against operationalization of PHC, Borapansury premised on the ground that contributions collected from SSA teachers, through official deduction, towards MCDF fund have been blocked by him, is not wholly true. The CEM, CADC intervened after receiving complaint from staff about the donation being made through official deduction. The CEM, CADC has acted upon to avoid setting a precedent of making private collection through official deduction. The CEM, CADC made his stand clear on the issue that he has no objection against any individual making donation towards the cause launched by MCDF.