CADC’s Budget 2012-2013 Passed

Kamalanagar, August 2: Chakma Autonomous District Council’s Regular Budget 2012-13 placed in the first sitting of this Monsoon Session has been discussed and passed unanimously today in its fourth and final sitting.


The budget allocation for the current financial year has been earmarked at Rs.2858.00 lakhs under Non-plan, Rs.45.00 lakhs under Centrally Sponsored Schemes and Rs.3487.00 lakhs under plan sector. There has been a jump in fund allocation under plan sector by more than triple with reference to that of previous financial year. The enormous increase is attributable to allocation made under RKVY at Rs.700.00 lakhs, under TFC at Rs.266.00 lakhs, under Minor Irrigation (AIBP) at Rs.700.00 lakhs, under State Priority Project at Rs.150.00 lakhs and under SCA for clearance of pending liabilities at Rs.400.00 lakhs. Therefore, the actual normal Annual Plan Fund for this year stands at Rs.1271.00 lakhs of which Rs.1062.58 laks is earmarked for salary. The rest of the amount is allotted for Administrative costs and Minor Works.

In his budget speech the Chief Executive Member asserted for a robust Local Revenue target of Rs.98.70 lakhs and sought the cooperation of all the concerned officials of CADC to achieve the target.

The budget also reflected a deficit of Rs.888.38 lakhs against salary/arrear, Rs.44.31 lakhs against salary and Rs.24.06 under non-plan sector, plan sector and under NLCPR respectively. The CEM, CADC expressed his hope to cover up the deficit under plan and non-plan sector by means of additional allocation in the form of Supplementary Grant in due course of time against which Govt. of Mizoram has already been informed.

The opposition expressed their reservation about the budget being burdened by a huge deficit.  They were also concern regarding many of the Departments not being given any allocation in the Budget.

The Hon’ble Chief Executive Member Sri Kali Kumar Tongchangya and mover of the Budget, while taking on the concern of the opposition said that the Council’s fund position being extremely tight, the Executive Committee have taken up to make fund provision to those Departments without allocation, through centrally sponsored projects. He informed the House that a project at an estimated cost of Rs.4.98 crores is being pursued with NEC to create a state of the art sport complex at Kamalanagar. “In collaboration with the State PHE Department a greater water supply scheme, tapping the Chawngte Lui,  for Chawngte area is being aggressively pursued and is under process”, he said .

The CEM hailed this budget as people welfare budget as Rs.14.00 crores have been dedicated to boost agricultural productivity, given the fact that more 90% of CADC’s population is agriculture dependent.