A life lost and an MDC injured in a gruesome incident

Kamalanagar, 24 May, 2022: In an unfortunate, tragic and gruesome incident of an unprovoked attack that took place last night at Kamalanagar-II an innocent life was lost while Dgb. Kusum Lota Chakma, MDC sustained severe injuries. The deceased person identified to be Dg. Rajiv Chakma (Osit Baran), a resident of Kamalanagar-II was brutally attacked and stabbed with a knife causing multiple injuries leading to his death.

The incident took place last night at around 9 pm. The assailant identified as B. Ushaton Chakma (Tatamoni) from the same locality took to indiscriminate attack, brandishing a knife. Dgb. Kusum Lota Chakma, a neighbour of the assailant who was at her leisure in front of her house at the time of the incident was the first person to be attacked. Fearing danger to life the matter was reported to the local Branch YCA by the brother of the assailant for help. Dg. Rajiv Chakma who reached the spot before other members of the YCA could reach became the target of the assailant and lost his life on the spot.

The assailant was later taken into police custody and the matter is still under police investigation. What exactly triggered such behaviour in the assailant is still to be ascertained.

The body of the deceased was taken to Lawngtlai for postmortem.