25 KW Solar Power Plants Installed at CADC Cultural Hall

Kamalanagar, 23 May, 2016: A 25 KW solar power plant installed at CADC Cultural Hall was inaugurated today. Dangu Kali Kumar Tongchangya, CEM, CADC inaugurated the set up with much euphoria.

The power plant was installed by Zoram Energy Development Agency, Govt. of Mizoram. 90% of the project cost is born by MNRE and the rest is born by CADC. Two more such power plants will be installed very soon, one at CADC Rest House, Kamalanagar and the other at CADC New Secretariat. The total project cost is 3 Cr.

The power supply service in CADC is very poor. Office and business set up suffer the most because of the poor service. Basic works and day to day affairs get hit tremendously. During the rainy season in Kamalanagar, headquarters of CADC, power supply gets cutoff for weeks. The poor service is one of the prime reasons for the backwardness of the area.
The installation of the power plant is out of seeking alternative solution to the perpetual poor conventional power supply service. The solar plant will also power the CADC Secretariat and other nearby CADC offices.