Floor test on ‘no confidence motion’ against the incumbent CEM, CADC conducted; Motion sustained by majority votes

Kamalanagar, July 10, 2017: Floor test on ‘No Confidence Motion’ against the incumbent CEM of Chakma Autonomous District Council Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya , was conducted successfully in a special session convened under the instruction of the Governor, Mizoram and the motion was sustained with majority of votes.

The session was attended by all the 20 elected and 4 nominated Members of the House. Dg. Amit Kumar Chakma, MDC moved the ’No Confidence Motion’ and received the support of as many as 15 members out of 20 eligible Members to vote with one Dg. H. Amaresh Chakma, MDC belonging to the MNF party choosing to walk out in protest against the floor test. The nominated Members are barred from voting in a confidence motion or no confidence motion as per order of the Governor issued in an instance in Mara Autonomous District Council.

The sitting witnesses a prolonged debate for and against the motion. There was a dispute as to the method of voting to be adopted in the floor test. The incumbent CEM, CADC demanded for a secret ballot while the Members in favour of the motion demanded to conduct the voting as per rule 70(2) of CADC CCB Rule, 2002 wherein it is provided that vote may be taken by show of hands or voices division.

The Executive Committee has been rendered non-functional since 6 Executive Members out of 8 have tendered resignation in April. The incumbent CEM, CADC Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya, on the other hand, not choosing to resign, forced the Governor to order a floor test to ascertain the confidence of the House in the incumbent CEM. The order instructed to conduct the floor test within one week of date of issue of the order i.e. by July 11, 2017.

As provided under rule 22 of Chakma Autonomous District Council (Constitution, Conduct of Business, etc.) Rules, 2002 the largest legislature party i.e. the Congress Legislature Party will choose their new leader and the said leader will stake claim to the office of CEM, CADC before the Governor. Accordingly, the Governor will appoint him as Chief Executive Member and subsequently, all the 7 Executive Members on the recommendation of the CEM.