CADC Budget Session Conludes

Kamalanagar, 28 March:The CADC Budget Session which had its first sitting on 24th March concluded today with its second sitting. The Budget mover Honโ€™ble CEM, CADC Dangu Buddha Lila Chakma besides the Demand for Grants (Budget Estimates), 2014-15, placed the Supplementary Demand for the year 2013-14 and sought a Vote on Account on the Budget Estimates, 2014-15 to meet the essential expenditure for the first quarter period of the fiscal year. The regular Budget, he said, shall be passed at a later date when the Planning Commission finalizes the State Annual Plan of Mizoram for 2014-15.

The Demand for Grants (Budget Estimates), 2014-15 sector-wise is Rs.1651.55 Lakh under Plan and Rs.4369.75 under Non-Plan. Whereas, the present tentative allocation of fund made to CADC is Rs.1400.00 Lakh and Rs.3510.00 Lakh under Normal Grant-in-aid, Plan and Non-Plan sector respectively out of the Mizoram State Annual Plan Size of Rs.3325.00 Crore. This contributes to deficit of Rs.859.75 Lakh and Rs.251.55 Lakh under Non-Plan and Plan respectively against salary. The deficit is partly due to the carryover of the deficit amount Rs.792.94 Lakh of 2013-14. The Honโ€™ble CEM, CADC expressed his strong hope of making up this deficit with increase of Annual Plan Fund, 2014-15. Allocation for fund under Centrally Sponsored Schemes shall be aggressive pursued, he said. Besides, all local resources shall be mobilized to generate adequate revenue and by adopting various means, such as Capital investment, etc., he said.

The Budget also includes the 13th Finance Commission grants of Rs.45.00 Lakh allocated being Local Body Grants under Non-Plan and Rs.150.00 Lakh under Plan sector for infrastructure schemes.

In the Vote of Account for expenditure during the first four months of the year 2014-15 an amount of Rs.466.62 Lakh and Rs.1169.88 Lakh under Plan and Non-Plan sector has been earmarked. These are 33.33% of the allocated amount under Normal Grant-in-Aid in respective sectors. The Vote on Account received the approval of all the Members present. The Supplementary Demand for Grants, 2013-14 was also passed unanimously.

The Honโ€™ble CEM, CADC expressed before the House his unhappiness about the basis on which fund is being allocated among the three ADCs. So far it has been the practice to allocate fund on the basis of population ratio which goes against the interest of the people of CADC being the smallest in terms of population. Whereas his argument is that the size of the administration remains the same. He is of the opinion that fund sharing should be on the line the Central Government makes allocation to the various States of India on the basis of fixed share, share on need basis besides on the basis of population ratio.