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Allocation of portfolios to the Executive Members of CADC

In exercise of powers conferred under Rule 30 of the Chakma Autonomous District Council (Constitution, Conduct of Business etc.) Rules, 2002 and as amended from time to time, the Chief Executive Member of Chakma Autonomous District Council is pleased to allocate the portfolios among the members of the Executive Committee of the 11th Chakma Autonomous District Council as shown below with immediate effect.

CEM, CADC announced Rs.3 crores for pavement of town roads at Longpuighat public meeting

Kamalanagar, 28 February, 2022: Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, Chief Executive Member, Chakma Autonomous District Council who is on tour to Longpuighat and Rengkashya area announced that Rs.3 crores have been pledged by Hon’ble Chief Minister, Pu Zoramthanga for pavement of town roads of Kamalanagar, Longpuighat and Borapansury to mark the Golden Jubilee celebration of CADC.

The announcement was made in a huge public gathering at Longpuighat. Of the Rs.3 crores, Rs.2 Crores will be allotted for Kamalanagar and Rs.0.5 crores each for Longpuighat and Borapansury. The amount being meagre, the Hon’ble CEM appealed the local NGO leaders and the general public to support the work with voluntary services which the public responded with affirmation. He said that work will start off from next month itself on mission mood for completion within the Golden Jubilee year.

The CEM on request of Pu Lalruatkima, MOS i/c Rural Development, also visited the Assistant Project Officer office building constructed at Longpuighat under DRDA and expressed happiness with the successful completion of the work. He informed that the office will be functional very soon as assured by the Hon’ble RD Minister.

While expressing concern over lost of forest area every year due to fire caused by jhum burning, the CEM appealed the public to complete burning of Jhum by 15th of March in compliance of government directive and to ensure fire lines as well.

He also appealed the public throughout CADC to engage in road side plantation on the ocassion of celebration of CADC Golden Jubilee which he said will be the real tribute to CADC on its 50th birth anniversary.

The CEM termed the tour very successful while stating that huge public gatherings have been witnessed at Longpuighat, Rengkashya, Lokhisury and Futsury.

State Public Information Officers (SPIOs)

In pursuance of the directive received from General Administration & Control Department, Government of Mizoram vide L/No. F.14011/2/2012-GAD(RTI) date Aizawl, the 25th January 2021, the Executive Committee of Chakma Autonomous District Council is pleased to appoint the following State Public Information Officers (SPIOs) in all the Department of CADC as per Section 5(1) of the RTI ACT, 2005 to provide information under the Act.

Executive Committee – Portfolios

In excercise of the powers conferred under Rule 30 of Chakma Autonomous District Council (Constitution, Conduct of Business etc.) Rules, 2020 and as amended from time to time, the portfolios among the members of the Executive Committee of the 10th Chakma Autonomous District Council are allocated as shown below with immediate effect.

Constitution of Tender Selection Committee

In pursuance of the invitation of Tender floated under order No.9/2020 of date 7/12/2020, conveyed under Memo No. G.12016/62/2020-2021/CADC-EDN(P/S)/118 of date 7/12/2020, the Executive Committee of Chakma Autonomous District Council is pleased to constitute Tender selection committee with the following persons with immediate effect.

1. Chairman:Executive Secretary, CADC.
2. Member Secretary:Education Officer, Primary School Education, CADC.
3. Member:1. Planning Development Officer, CADC.
2. Education Officer, Middle School Education, CADC.
3. Shri K. Kamal Chakma, Assistant Engineer, PWD, CADC.

Chief Executive Member
Chakma Autonomous District Council

Pu S Kaptluanga, SDO(C) visits Nagdarasora to see developmental works

Nagdarasora, 08 December, 2020:    Pu S Kaptluanga, SDO(C) and BDO, Chawngte RD Block, today visited Nagdarasora accompanied by Dg. Ganachandra Chakma, Education Officer, CADC, Pu Rattan Kumar, SDPO, Chawngte and Prabin Chakma, I&PRO, CADC to see the construction of the road connecting Udalthana and Gulsinghbapsora via Nagdarasora and the construction of a new Primary School building. 

The team was accorded a warm welcome by the villagers who gathered at the entrance of the village. 

The road measuring more than 15 km is being constructed at a cost of Rs.1.20 Crore funded under BADP. The construction will only do the formation cutting of the road. The SDO said permanent works like surface metaling, construction of drains and culverts will be done from other schemes. 

For the first time Nagdarasora will be connected by road. The internal road of the village has been also cut from the fund and now vehicle can reach the village in about 2 hours. Earlier, it used to take more than 6 hours on foot. 

The team also visited the school under construction. The school is being constructed at a cost of Rs.22 Lakhs with full brick wall consisting of 5 rooms under BADP. 

The SDO interacted with the villagers and he was told about the other need of the village for a Community hall, a Bazar shed and a football field. 

Pu Kaptluanga expressed concern to the villagers about the lot of trees being felled for log which he has seen while coming on the way and urged the villagers to ensure forest cover is protected while adding that things like road for development becomes meaningless if environment turns out to be a victim. 

Pavement of Saizawh village internal road completed

Kamalanagar, 01 December, 2020: Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, Hon’ble CEM, CADC today inaugurated the completion PCC pavement of internal roads of Saizawh (W) village about 1 Km from Kamalanagar in a programme organised by Pu. S. Kaptluanga, SDO (C) and BDO, Chawngte RD Block.

The pavement of the road measuring 500 m long was completed at a cost of Rs.12 Lakhs. Bamboo reinforcement which is gaining widespread usage has been used in the pavement of the road. The work has been funded by Rural Development Department, Government of Mizoram.

The CEM and the SDO(C) speaking made mention of other developmental works being executed within Saizawh village during the current term of the Executive Committee, CADC. PCC pavement of another road within Saizawh at a cost of Rs.5.7 lakhs, construction of Saizawh (W) Comprehensive Middle School at a cost of Rs.31 Lakhs and Construction of Community Hall at a cost of Rs.20 Lakhs are the major works so far taken up.

Saizawh (W) is a village lived by the ‘Bawm’ and ‘Thlanglau’ tribe and its origin dates back to 1948. It has a population of 470 as per record of village population register.

Kamalanagar Town Planning Committee meeting held; prior permission/NOC for construction of building to be obtained

Kamalanagar, 13 November, 2020: A joint meeting of the Kamalanagar Town Planning Committee (KTPC), town area VCPs, local NGO leaders and CADC officers was held today under the chairmanship of Dg. Durjya Dhan Chakma, Executive Member and i/c CEM to discuss the growing problem due to construction of buildings in an unplanned manner within Kamalanagar town which especially entails encroachment of the main roads.

Dg. H. Amaresh Chakma, Chairman, CADC also attended the meeting. Both Dg. Durjya Dhan Chakma and Dg. H Amaresh Chakma speaking observed the urgent need to address the problem of unplanned growth of Kamalanagar town due to its rapid urbanization. They have emphasized the need for cooperation of the village council leaders of the town area and that of the local NGO leaders in this endevour.

It has been stated that the encroachment of the main road by construction of private building on one hand and gradual increase of vehicular traffic on the other is going to make day to day life within Kamalanagar town a big problem. The measures that are envisaged to curtail unauthorized construction will go a long way in making Kamalanagar a livable town for the coming generation.

The meeting has resolved to revise the general guidelines to be observed for construction of buildings within Kamalanagar town area and ensure its enforcement strictly. The extant guidelines has that permission and NOC need to be obtained from the KTPC for construction of any building within Kamalanagar town besides other measures that prohibit activities that cause damage to the town area roads and cause traffic congestion. However, it has been a sad experience with regards to its implementation, as so far very few people have approached for permission or NOC and the purpose of today’s meeting is to address it.

The Executive Committee, CADC shall consider the expansion of the 5 (five) members KTPC by including the President, CYCA, President, CMS, President, CADC VCA, Sr. Revenue Officer, CADC and EE, PWD, CADC for effective implementation of the guidelines.

The meeting also constituted a joint inspection team comprising of all the KTPC members, President, CYCA, President, CMS, VCPs of town area, Presidents, Br. YCA of town area, concerned local MDC, representatives from LRS department and PWD. The team shall conduct survey of the town area and identify cases of unplanned/unauthorized building construction or encroachment of the road.