Forest & Environment

Meeting-cum-awareness campaign on prevention and control of fire held

Kamalanagar, 24 January, 2022: Meeting-cum-awareness campaign on prevention and control of forest fire was held today in the conference hall of CADC Rest House, Kamalanagar organized by Environment, Forest & Climate Change Department, CADC in collaboration with Young Chakma Association and TARUM.

Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, Chief Executive Member, CADC and Dg. Charan Singh Chakma, Executive Member, CADC attended the programme as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour. The programme was also attended by leaders of Kamalanagar town area village councils and local NGOs.

It has been decided that awareness campaign on prevention of forest fire & protection of water sources shall be jointly organized by the NGOs & concerned department. To give effect to the agendum local level committees will be constituted at every village with members of village council and NGOs.

The Committees shall oversee and ensure burning of Jhum on or before 15th of March, ensure fire line along the border of jhums to prevent spread of fire to forest areas, check fishing with chemicals, by electrocution and explosion, check dumping of garbage/waste products into water bodies and demarcate boundaries of catchment areas of water sources and VFDC gardens.

Domestic Cattle such as bulls/cows and buffaloes which cause pollution to water bodies will be strictly prohibited from entering them.

The Committee shall encourage residents for planting of seedlings in memory of one’s own parents to enhance greenery in the locality.

State Public Information Officers (SPIOs)

In pursuance of the directive received from General Administration & Control Department, Government of Mizoram vide L/No. F.14011/2/2012-GAD(RTI) date Aizawl, the 25th January 2021, the Executive Committee of Chakma Autonomous District Council is pleased to appoint the following State Public Information Officers (SPIOs) in all the Department of CADC as per Section 5(1) of the RTI ACT, 2005 to provide information under the Act.

CADC Land Dispute & Settlement Advisory Board constituted

Kamalanagar, 28 May, 2021: Chakma Autonomous District Council Land Dispute and Settlement Advisory Board was constituted today with Dg. Lakhi Dhan Chakma, MDC as its Chairman and the Sr. Revenue Officer as the Member Secretary. The other members of the Board include the Revenue Officer, the Sr. Taxation Officer, the District Council Conservator of Forest, the Local Administration Officer, the Assistant Revenue Officers, the President, CYCA, the concerned VCP, Dg. Ranga Mohan Chakma, Sr. citizen and Dg. Madhu Mangal Chakma, Sr. citizen.

Land dispute cases deemed to be complicated will be referred to the Board for further investigation. The Board shall examine cases referred to it utilizing the services of any staff of Land Revenue & Settlement Department if necessary and shall have the right to access to any files required in connection with settling the land dispute. Its role shall be limited to recommend the Executive Committee based on its finding and final decision shall rest with the Executive Committee.

The Board will serve for a term of three years which can be dissolved earlier. It shall sit for a minimum of three times a year and the Chairman shall have the discretion to summon the Board at any time if and when felt necessary.

Executive Committee – Portfolios

In excercise of the powers conferred under Rule 30 of Chakma Autonomous District Council (Constitution, Conduct of Business etc.) Rules, 2020 and as amended from time to time, the portfolios among the members of the Executive Committee of the 10th Chakma Autonomous District Council are allocated as shown below with immediate effect.

CADC Winter Session passes the Election to Village Councils Amendment Rules, 2019

Kamalanagar, 20 December, 2019: The CADC Winter Session 2019 in its second sitting held today passed the CADC (Election to Village Councils) (Amendment) Rules, 2019 unanimously while referring the CADC (Forest) (Amendment) Act, 2019 to a Select Committee. The two amendment bills were introduced in the first sitting. The CADC (Election to Village Councils) (Amendment) Rules, 2019 was moved by Dg. Uday Tongchangya, Executive Member while the CADC (Forest) (Amendment) Act, 2019 was moved by Dg. Durjya Dhan Chakma. Before start of discussion over the amendment bills, Dg Buddha Lila Chakma, MDC proposed two amendment bills one each for the CADC (Election to Village Councils) (Amendment) Rules, 2019 another for the CADC (Forest) (Amendment) Act, 2019. The bills though missed the requirement of submission to the Secretary, District Council before three clear days, the Chairman, CADC Dg. H. Amaresh Chakma calling his discretion allowed the bills moved by Dg. Buddha Lila Chakma to be discussed and voted. After prolonged discussion the CADC (Election to Village Councils) (Amendment) Rules, 2019 was passed unanimously while the CADC (Forest) (Amendment) Act, 2019 was referred to a Select Committee for further study. It is hoped that the bill will be tabled in the next session with necessary changes. The sitting answered four questions during the question hour. With the conclusion of the second sitting today the session was declared prorogued.

The CADC Biological Diversity Rules’ 2019 introduced in the Monsoon Session

Kamalanagar, 19 August, 2019: The second sitting of the CADC Monsoon Session which was held today introduced the CADC Biological Diversity Rules’ 2019. The bill was introduced by Dg. Durjya Dhan Chakma, Executive Member i/c Forest, Environment and Climate Change Department. It will be discussed and voted in the fourth sitting scheduled on 21/8/2019.

If the bill gets legislated it will provide for formation of Biodiversity Management Committee in every village which will implement environmental programmes and schemes of the central government.

The CADC Trading Regulation, 2016 which received the assent of the Governor on 2/12/2016 and published in the Gazette was laid in the House today by Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, CEM, CADC. The Regulation provides for control of trades within CADC area. It deals with issue of licence for different category of traders and fees thereof besides other trade related matters.

The Mizoram State Biological Diversity Rules’ 2010 was also laid in the House by Dg. Durjya Dhan Chakma, Executive Member and moved for its adoption in the CADC.

The sitting answered six unstarred questions put by the Members in the opposition bench.

CADC to Observe Green Mizoram Day

Kamalanagar, 10 June 2019: Chakma Autonomous District Council decided to kick off the observation of Green Mizoram Day at Kamalanagar from tomorrow, the 11th June, 2019 in a meeting called today by Forest, Environment and Climate Change Department, Chakma Autonomous District Council. CADC Councilors, representatives of different departments of CADC, Village Council leaders and NGO representatives attended the meeting.

Introducing the significance of observation of the Day in the meeting Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, Chief Executive Member, CADC urged for mass participation by all sections of the society. Mass participation scopes for awareness on one hand and make the programme economical on the other, he explained. Given the constrained financial position of CADC mass participation would be a great service, he added.

He expressed that more than money, attitude is important for the mission and urged for transformation of our attitude towards a green world.

While recalling a proposal made by the PCCF, Mizoram recently for establishing of small wild life sanctuaries within CADC he urged all the representatives in the meeting for shaping public opinion for selecting the Raj Mondal area for the proposed wildlife sanctuary. He cautioned that the wildlife sanctuary will not be possible unless there is wide consensus while explaining that it is the only permanent solution to the ever deepening water crisis for potable water in Kamalanagar town.             The meeting selected sites around Kamalanagar town and its vicinity for roadside plantation for the kickoff day. Different departments of CADC were grouped for different sites. The NGOs shall join the programme as well. The programme will be kicked off tomorrow morning at 5:30 am in the premises of CADC Rest House, Kamalanagar-II.