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Awareness programme on Coronavirus held at Kamalanagar

Kamalanagar, 7th March, 2020: Today an awareness programme on the threat posed due to outbreak of Coronavirus in many parts of the country was held at CADC Conference Hall, Kamalanagar. The programme was organised by the Sub-Divisional Officer (Civil), Chawngte Pu S. Kaptluanga.

Awareness Programme on Corona virus
Awareness Programme on Coronavirus

Dr. Rinisha Chakma, Medical Officer, Chawngte CHC as a resource person conducted the programme through a power point presentation.

She spoke about the origin of the virus, how it is highly contagious, its effect around the world and how it has become a public health emergency around the world. She educated about the measure of personal hygiene to be adopted to avoid being contracted, on the importance of hand washing, practicing coughing etiquettes and on how a mask is to be used and its effectiveness.

While stating that with no particular treatment regime available till date she said the need to adopt preventive practices is the most desired option and urged all the participants to educate as many people as possible on how to maintain personal hygiene to avoid contracting the virus.

The programme was attended by heads of institutions, officers, teachers, village council leaders, NGO leaders of Kamalanagar and Chawngte area.

Seminar cum workshop for primary and middle school teachers of CADC conducted

Kamalanagar, 27 March 2019: A two-day seminar-cum-workshop for primary and middle school teachers of CADC was conducted by School Education Department, CADC from 26th – 27th March’ 2019 at Kamalanagar Public School.

Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, CEM, CADC, Dg. H. Amaresh Chakma, Chairman, CADC, Dg. Lakkhan Chakma, E.M., CADC, Dg. Durjyo Dhan Chakma, E.M. CADC and Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya, MDC, CADC graced the programme.

The seminar-cum-workshop which started from the second session of the first day imparted training on maintenance of SMC (School management Committee) accounts, Automated Monitoring System, formation of SMC and its powers and function.

Some 227 primary school teachers and some 178 middle school teachers attended the seminar-cum-workshop.

Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, CEM, CADC and Chief Guest of the inaugural programme while speaking explained that the programme was necessitated to acquaint the teachers with the new education policies of the new Executive Committee in CADC which he stressed was very important for successful delivery of their vision on education.

“The teachers are the agents of the government for implementing their policies on education and so, interaction with the teacher to make them understand the intent of the policy maker is very vital”, he said.

While emphasizing that the reputation of the Executive Committee depends on the performance of the teachers towards their service to educate the children, he urged the teacher community not to let them down.

While acknowledging that 70-80% of the schools are in poor condition in terms of infrastructure he implored that it should not become an excuse for the school not to function as it’s a matter of future of our own children and in the same breath he assured the teachers that his Executive Committee is going to make the best effort to restore the condition of the schools.

He further added, “The teachers are leaders as well and they should make effort to mobilize help at local level to repair the schools and furniture just enough to run the schools. In the meantime the CADC authority shall mobilize resources to address all issues related to school education.”

He also informed the gathering that he sought the help of the local MLA, Dr. B.D. Chakma for repairing of as many school as possible out MLA LAD Fund while expressing happiness over the positive response from him.

While referring to the notification barring charge of admission fees from students from the next academic session he stated that many gets drop out because of burden of school expenses and added that girls children are the first victim as boys are preferred by the parents if they are forced to make a choice out of economic reason.

He has been also very stern regarding the practice of substitute teachers and urged everyone to desist from employing any substitute.

CEM visits schools in and around Kamalanagar town area

Kamalanagar, May 25, 2018: In a two day tour programme on May 24 and 25, the new CEM, CADC Dg. Shanti Jiban Chakma in keeping with his pledge to make school education a priority of his government visited most of the schools in and around Kamalanagar town area.
He was accompanied by Dg. Onish Moy Chakma, E/M i/c Middle School Education, Dg. Sanjiv Chakma, E/M i/c Primary School Education and Dg. Gana Chandra Chakma, Education Officer.

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Order 819: Continuation of order on place of posting

No. A.12019/95/2016-CDC(MSED)/PT-I/819

Dated: Kamalanagar, the 20th Oct, 2017


In continuation of the order No. No. A.12019/95/2016-CDC(MSED)/PT-I/817 Dated Kamalanagar, the 20th Oct 2017, Shri Vimal Chakma, MST is posted at Nagdarasora Utter Primary School, Nagdarasora. He must join his new new place of posting and submit joining report duly countersigned by SMC Chairperson to the undersigned within 10 (ten) days from the date of this order.

Education Officer
Middle School Education
Chakma Autonomous District Council,

Notification to Teachers – Place of Posting

No. A.12019/95/2016-CDC(MSED)/PT-I/817

Dated: Kamalanagar, the 18th Oct, 2017


In pursuance of the order No. A.18032/1/2017-2018/CADC/(G): dated Kamalanagar, the 16th October, 2017, and in honor of the order of the Deputy Commissioner, Lawngtlai District and Caretaker, CADC, the posting place of the teachers as released by the concerned Department of CADC is hereby drawn.

Teachers as reflected in Annexure must join their duties at the place of posting and submit joining report duly countersigned by SMC Chairperson to the undersigned within 10(ten) days from the date of this order.

Education Officer
Middle School Education
Chakma Autonomous District Council,
Dated: Kamalanagar, the 18th Oct., 2017.

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Order No. 98: Primary Teachers – Place of posting

No. A.12016/16/2012-2013/CDC-EDN(P/S)/298

Dated: Kamalanagar, the 16th Oct, 2017


In pursuance of the order No. A.18032/1/2017-2018/CADC/(G): dated Kamalanagar, the 16th October, 2017, the following Primary School Teachers are hereby posted to the schools as shown below against each of their names with immediate effect.

Sl. No. Name of Teacher New place of posting
1 D. Amir Baran Chakma Montola Primary School
2 Suraj Chakma (Sr) Bormon Primary School
3 Kelendra Tongchangya Barakobakhali UPS
4 Sanjoy Tongchangya Bormon Primary School
5 Sona Rattan Tongchangya Saminisora Primary School
6 Biro Sankar Chakma Ngharum Primary School
7 Kinamuni Chakma Gandhian CMS, Jarulsury
8 Mola Dhan Chakma Ngharum Primary School
9 Gyana Ranjan Chakma Kamtuli Primary School
10 Suraj Chakma (Jr) Buicheg Primary School

Further, they are instructed to submit joining report to the Education Officer, Primary School Education within 10(ten) days from the date of issue of this order, duly countersigned by the School Headmaster / Chairperson, School Management Committee.

Education Officer
Primary School Education
Chakma Autonomous District Council,

New School Building for Rengkashya Comprehensive MS Inaugurated

Rengkasya, 28 Jan. 2017: Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya, CEM CADC in presence of Dg. Amit Chakma, EM i/c Taxation , Dg. Purnamuni Chakma, EM i/c Local Administration and Dg. Gyana Shankar Chakma, V/Chairman, Planning inaugurated the new school building for Rengkashya Comprehensive Middle School constructed with fund provision under MSDP.

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CDCTA Conducts Annual Conference

Kamalanagar, 6 Dec. 2016: Some 300 hundred teachers from across CADC attended the 13th Annual Conference of Chakma District Council Teachers’ Association held at Public School, Kamalanagar.

The CDCTA submitted a memorandum on 11 points to the CEM, CADC Dg. K.K. Tongchangya who graced the occasion as Chief Guest. Dg. Parimal Chakma, EM i/c Middle School and Dg. Amarsmriti Chakma, EM i/c Primary School also attended the programme.
Some of the points of demand of the teachers placed through the memorandum are award of training benefit, senior grade/selection grade on seniority/eligibility basis, to designate the head teachers, continuation of Chakma Language Proficiency Examination and revision of Chakma Language Allowance, to set up separate management for nursery section, recruitment of staff of Education department only from amongst the senior eligible teachers, continuation of inter school sport meet in CADC, etc.

CEM, CADC while replying to the demands so made said, “The head teachers can be designated on the basis of eligibility and all such teachers will have to take turn for posting in all the schools which will entail sorting out of hard and soft postings areas sitting together with CDCTA. The culture of substitute teacher has to be stopped for once and all and for that the CDCTA have to cooperate.”

While referring to frequent involvement of school students of Primary and Middle school levels in agitation by NGOs he urged the CDCTA to deliberate on the matter and opined that primary and middle school level students are not mature enough of discrimination. “However, High school, Higher secondary and college going students may take part”, he said.

Stating the literacy rate of CADC being very poor at 46% the CEM, CADC requested the teachers to cooperate in the literacy drive to be undertaken by the Adult Education department.

“A project on school building infrastructure have been submitted to NEC for development of the schools”, he informed the conference.
From the next academic session the District School Education Board will introduce Common Question Paper for the term examination.

Dg Parimal Chakma, EM said, “The resumption of Chakma Language Proficiency Examination have been already discussed and approved.”
He further said, “There is a wrong perception about CCE with regards to the belief that no students can fail under the system. CCE makes no mention as such as I am told by our CEO Dg. Sadananda Chakma. CCE understands that all such students who fail to score fairly in the unit tests taken continuously are required to be given remedial courses by the teachers in order to enable such students to graduate to the next class.”

Ven. Buddha Jyoti Thera representative of MBS while appreciating the CADC authority for introducing a class on moral education coupled with 10 minutes Anapana meditation said, “A man can be complete only if he is nurtured in formal education and spiritual wisdom.”

“The teachers have to take up a dual role of a teacher and a spiritual guru given the circumstance with many of our villages still without a Mandir. A teacher who harms a generation of students by not being sincere with his duty sin against a whole community; the sin so committed is graver than that of doctor who kills a patient due to negligence.”

For the 10 minute Anapana meditation introduced in school to be really effective he expressed strongly, “It is imperative that all the teachers undergo 10-Day vippassana meditation course at least once.”
Representative Dg. Ramesh Chakma of Chakma School Teacher Association (CSTA) of Lunglei District with two of his colleagues attended the conference. Speaking on the occasion proposed for a sort of merger of CDCTA and CSTA in order to work together for the welfare of all Chakma teachers in Mizoram. He also placed a request to deliberate on how learning of the Chakma language can be introduced in Chakma schools outside CADC.