Useful information related to the response to Covid-19.

Stranded Chakma Students to Report

Whereas, the countrywide lockdown due to Covid-19 continues to be extended and situation returning to normalcy immediately seems unlikely.

The Chakma Autonomous District Council felt it expedient to list the Chakma students from Mizoram stranded in different parts of the country due to the lockdown so that in case of emergency help extended by state government or central government can be facilitated.

Therefore, I am directed to ask all such Students who are stranded outside the state of Mizoram to report themselves in the link at the earliest.

Prabin Chakma
Information & Public Relations Officer
Chakma Autonomous District Council

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SDO(C), Chawngte calls meeting on implementation of the Mizoram (Containment and Prevention of Covid-19) Ordinance, 2020

Kamalanagar, 04 May, 2020: Pu S. Kaptluanga, SDO(C), Chawngte in a meeting attended by representatives of CADC, Health Department, Police Department, Intelligence Department, local NGO leaders and VLTFs of Kamalanagar town area and Chawngte area called for implementation of the Mizoram (Containment and Prevention of Covid-19) Ordinance, 2020. The meeting also discussed restriction/prohibition to be observed during the 3rd stage lockdown announced by the government.

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Mizoram Epidemic Diseases (Covid-19) Regulations 2020

No. D.33011/21/2019-HFW(nCOV)/Pt, the 17th March 2020.

In the interest of public health and safety and in excercise of the powers conferred under Section 2, 3 & 4 of the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 (Central Act 3 of 1897), the Government of Mizoram is pleased to issue the following temporary regulations for prevention and containment of COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease-2019).

The Mizoram (Containment and Prevention of Covid-19) Ordinance, 2020

To contain and prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the State of Mizoram and matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.

WHEREAS the Legislative Assembly of Mizoram is not in session, and the Governor of Mizoram is satisfied that circumstances exist which render it necessary for him to take immediate action;

NOW, THEREFORE, in exercise of the powers conferred by clause (1) of article 213 of the Constitution, the Governor of Mizoram is pleased to promulgate the following Ordinance,

Offences and penalty

The various offences and penalties thereof have been briefly highlighted for easy reference. Please consult the ordinance for a detailed explanation.

Sub sectionOffencePenalty (Fine / Imprisonment)
1Without Mask₹ 100
2Violating Social Distancing₹ 200
3Spitting in public₹ 300
4Organising events without permission₹ 5000
5Crossing borders without permission₹ 5000
6Evading Quarantine / Isolation₹ 3000
7Escaping Quarantine / Isolation facility₹ 1000-5000
8Endangering safety at quarantine / isolation facility₹ 500
9Any other violation₹ 1000
10Revealing Covid-19 patient details₹ 5000 or 3 months prison or both
Offences and penalties thereof as per the The Mizoram (Containment and Prevention of Covid-19) Ordinance, 2020

Return of residents of Mizoram stranded in North Eastern States.

The Secretary to the Government of Mizoram, Disaster Management & Rehabilitation Department in a memo has intimated that the Government of Mizoram, in consultation with the State Governments of Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya and Tripura, has decided to facilitate the return of residents of Mizoram stranded in these states. The memo which also details the procedure to be followed for their repatriation from these states is provided below:

Stranded people in the state of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Manipur to report with Resident Commissioners

Kamalanagar, 29 April, 2020: It has been communicated that people from Mizoram stranded in the state of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Manipur will be brought back home and transport facility will be arranged by the state government. People can also opt to use private vehicle on their own for the journey.

On enquiry with the official of Home Department, Mizoram it has been told that all willing persons shall have to report with the Deputy Resident Commissioner (DRC) of the nearest Mizoram House and express preference for mode of transportation (government transport/personal vehicle). Those intending to use private vehicle will have to obtain permission from the concerned DRC. The contact numbers of the Mizoram Houses at various locations in the northeast are as given below:

Location of Mizoram HousePhone NumberMobile Number
Guwahati, Assam0361 – 2529441(Office); 2529626(Reception)9612027264
Silchar, Assam03842-226166(Office); 225419(Resident); 225655(Reception)9435072175
Shillong, Meghalaya0364-2502868(Office); 2225068(Reception)9402196315

Those stranded in the state of Manipur will report with the YMA in the state and those in Tripura will report with the Mizo Welfare Society.

All returnees shall be screened and quarantined for 14 days on arrival at the designated quarantine centre at the district level.

Indian Medical Association and Covid-19 Medical Operational Team hold meeting at Kamalanagar on Covid-19

Kamalanagar, 26 April, 2020: A team of three doctors from Covid-19 Medical Operational Team and Indian Medical Association held a meeting today at Kamalanagar with representatives of CHC, Chawngte, VLTFs of Kamalanagar and Chawngte town area and local NGO leaders. Dg. Lakkhan Chakma, Executive Member i/c Disaster Management represented CADC in the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Pu S. Kaptluanga, SDO(C), Chawngte.

The team came to assess the covid-19 situation in the sub-division and to sensitize the key people on Covid-19.

The doctors spoke on the importance of maintaining social distance, regular hand washing, wearing double layer mask, the role of mask and the various situations when use of full set of PPE (personal protective equipment) is required. It was recommended that the double layer cotton mask be discarded after 5 to 7 time of washing.

They said that wearing of hand gloves is not necessary for the common public and observed that it rather gives a false sense of security. They urged not to stigmatize the Covid-19 patients. For burial/cremation of Covid-19 dead bodies full set of PPE is not required.

It was also clarified on being asked that prophylactic (preventive) use of hydroxychloroquine can be dangerous.

The team was also asked if truck drivers entering Mizoram with essential goods are being tested or just screened. It has been clarified that only screening was done; however to ensure safety the guidelines requires the truck drivers stay inside the truck and return after unloading and have food outside the town/village.

The VLTFs were urged to allow the farmers to visit their farmlands as season for cultivation has arrived.

The team has brought masks and sanitizers for the area which were handed over to the SMO, Chawngte.

Dg. Lakkhan Chakma urged for the deployment of medical personnel at Longpuighat till the situation due to covid-19 gets better.

The SDO highlighted the various challenges of the area with respect to fighting the pandemic. He spoke on the very poor health facility in the sub-division and the need to deploy medical personnel at Longpuighat and Parva. The SMO, Chawngte will submit proposal for setting up of PHC at Longpuighat and Parva and for Borapansury PHC, presently run by CADC, to be fully taken up by the state government.

Pu S. Kaptluang proposed the 30 VLTFs along Indo-Bangla international boundary within CADC be categorized under special category for 24 X 7 vigilance.