Kamalanagar Town Planning Committee meeting held; prior permission/NOC for construction of building to be obtained

Kamalanagar, 13 November, 2020: A joint meeting of the Kamalanagar Town Planning Committee (KTPC), town area VCPs, local NGO leaders and CADC officers was held today under the chairmanship of Dg. Durjya Dhan Chakma, Executive Member and i/c CEM to discuss the growing problem due to construction of buildings in an unplanned manner within Kamalanagar town which especially entails encroachment of the main roads.

Dg. H. Amaresh Chakma, Chairman, CADC also attended the meeting. Both Dg. Durjya Dhan Chakma and Dg. H Amaresh Chakma speaking observed the urgent need to address the problem of unplanned growth of Kamalanagar town due to its rapid urbanization. They have emphasized the need for cooperation of the village council leaders of the town area and that of the local NGO leaders in this endevour.

It has been stated that the encroachment of the main road by construction of private building on one hand and gradual increase of vehicular traffic on the other is going to make day to day life within Kamalanagar town a big problem. The measures that are envisaged to curtail unauthorized construction will go a long way in making Kamalanagar a livable town for the coming generation.

The meeting has resolved to revise the general guidelines to be observed for construction of buildings within Kamalanagar town area and ensure its enforcement strictly. The extant guidelines has that permission and NOC need to be obtained from the KTPC for construction of any building within Kamalanagar town besides other measures that prohibit activities that cause damage to the town area roads and cause traffic congestion. However, it has been a sad experience with regards to its implementation, as so far very few people have approached for permission or NOC and the purpose of today’s meeting is to address it.

The Executive Committee, CADC shall consider the expansion of the 5 (five) members KTPC by including the President, CYCA, President, CMS, President, CADC VCA, Sr. Revenue Officer, CADC and EE, PWD, CADC for effective implementation of the guidelines.

The meeting also constituted a joint inspection team comprising of all the KTPC members, President, CYCA, President, CMS, VCPs of town area, Presidents, Br. YCA of town area, concerned local MDC, representatives from LRS department and PWD. The team shall conduct survey of the town area and identify cases of unplanned/unauthorized building construction or encroachment of the road.

Restrictions within Aizawl for further 6 days


Aizawl, the 2nd of November, 2O2O


Upon consideration of the prevailing situation due to COVID-19 outbreak, and on the recommendation of the consultative meeting held in the presence of the Hon’ble Minister, Health & Family Welfare Department and the Hon’ble Minister, Home/Disaster Management & Rehabilitation Department with various stakeholders on 02.11.2020, it is considered necessary to continue with the extant restrictions imposed within Aizawl municipal area vide Order of even No. dated 26.10.202O for a further period of 6 (six) days.

Now therefore, the undersigned in his capacity as Chairman, State Executive Committee, State Disaster Management Authority, Mtzoram, in exercise of the powers conferred under Section 22(2)(hl & 24(I) of the Disaster Management Act, 2005 hereby orders that guidelines issued vide Order of even No. dated 26.10.2020, with certain modifications as appended hereto, shall continue to be implemented till 09.1I.2O2O, 4:3O AM.

Further, upon expiry of the aforesaid period, ‘COVID- 19 No Tolerance Fortnight’ shall be observed from 09.11 .2O2O, 4:3O AM till 23.11.2020, 12:00 PM within Arzawl municipal area. Consequent upon the guidelines for ‘COVID-19 No Tolerance Fortnight’ coming into effect, the remaining clauses of Unlock 4.O guidelines issued vide Order of even No. dated 30.09.2020 shall also remain in force within Aizawl municipal area till 23.11.2020.

Chief Secretary & Chairman
State Executive Committee
Mizoram State Disaster Management Authority

Unlock 4.0 Guidelines for Mizoram


Aizawl, the 30th of September, 2020

Whereas, the Mizoram State Disaster Management Authority has reopened more activities in areas outside containment zones vide this Department’s Unlock 3.0 Order of even No. dated 31.08.2020, and the State Executive Committee, with the consent of the Chairman, State Disaster Management Authority, Mizoram, has decided to enhance the relaxation;

And whereas, the reopening of more activities will result in increased movement of people and hence, it is felt necessary to continue with the imposition of certain safeguards and measures for the containment of COVID- 19 outbreak thereby preventing its further spread;

Now therefore, the undersigned, in his capacity as the Chairman, State Executive Committee, and in exercise of the powers conferred by Section 22(2)(h) & 24(l) of the Disaster Management Act, 2005, hereby orders that the unlock measures appended hereto shall be implemented within Mizoram with effect from 00:00 hours of 01.10.2020 till 23:59 hours of 31.10.2020.

Chief Secretary, Mizoram & Chairman, State Executive Committee,
State Disaster Management Authority, Mizoram.

Action Plan for ‘COVID-19 No Tolerance Fortnight’


Aizawl, the 23rd of October, 2020

In pursuance of the decision of the meeting held on 22nd October, 2020 under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary to Government of Mizoram & Chairman State Executive Committee of State Disaster Management Authority, Mizoram on observance of ‘COVID-19 No Tolerance Fortnight’ from 26.10.2020 to 09.11.2020, Action Plan for ‘COVID-19 No Tolerance Fortnight’ is hereby circulated for information and necessary action for all the responsible authorities listed therein.

Member Secretary, State Executive Committee &
Secretary to the Government of Mizoram
Disaster Management & Rehabilitation Department

Training given to ASHA/Health worker at Kamalanagar for enrolment under Mizoram Health Care Scheme

Kamalanagar, 30 September, 2020:    The Community Health Centre, Chawngte today organised training for the ASHA and Health Workers of Chakma Autonomous District Council area for enrolment under Mizoram State Health Care Scheme. The ASHAs and health workers have been urged to aggressively campaign for a universal enrolment.

The training programme was held in the Conference Hall of CADC Rest House, Kamalanagar which was conducted by DR. Vantea , MO   (State health care society) in the presence of Dr. H. Thangliana, Medical Officer, CHC, Chawngte. 

The Mizoram State Health Care Scheme is a health insurance scheme implemented by the Mizoram State Health Care Society, Government of Mizoram since 2008. Under the scheme a beneficiary can claim medical expenses for reimbursement upto Rs.2 Lakh. The scheme covers almost all the illnesses including referral cases, pre-existing conditions and ailments, maternity and there is no age restriction. 

The policy card remains valid for one year which can be renewed every year. Enrolment for the upcoming period w.e.f 1st October, 2020 to 30th September, 2021 shall start from September 2020 till 31st December, 2020. The existing policy card holders of 2019-2020 shall have to renew their cards before 31st December, 2020. 

All AAY and BPL family ration card holders are eligible for availing the benefit of the scheme. APL family ration card holders who cannot avail MR Bill from the government are also eligible for the scheme. The Golden card holders under AB-PMJAY (Ayushman Bharat-Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana) can also enroll for the scheme.

The BPL card holders can enroll against payment of just Rs.100 while the APL card holders need to enroll for Rs.1000.