CADC celebrates 74th Independence Day with restrain amidst covid-19

Kamalanagar, 15 August, 2020: Amidst Covid-19 pandemic, still looming large Chakma Autonomous District Council celebrated India’s 74th Independence Day with restrain avoiding mass participation and observing protocols that are in force like maintaining social distance and wearing mask.

Dg. H. Amaresh Chakma, Chairman, CADC in the early morning, hoisted the National Flag in the premises of CADC Secretariat in the presence of leaders and Heads of offices of CADC.

The Chairman in his Independence Day speech said the difficulties due to coronavirus pandemic has hampered developmental activities and implementation of policies for the welfare of the people.

“Notwithstanding, the present Executive Committee has executed the Voluntary Pension Scheme which has brought in fresh and energetic employees in place of aged staff; metalled the approach road to dumping ground with PCC concrete; purchased a new vehicle for disposal of garbage and set aside Rs.50 lakhs for construction new LAD office building”.

He further added that Rs.4.39 Crore has been allocated for CADC under 15th Finance Commission which shall be utilized to create community welfare assets.

“The CADC’s Budget session which could not be held in due time due to the prevalent pandemic has been very productive”, he said.

“The session has passed the CADC (Salaries and allowances of Chief Executive Member and Executive Members) (Second Amendment) Bill 2020, the CADC (Salaries and allowances of Chairman and Deputy Chairman) (Second Amendment) Bill 2020, the CADC (Salaries and allowances and pension of Members) (Third Amendment) Bill 2020, the CADC Secretariat (Recruitment and Condition of services) Bill, 2020, the CADC Technical Service (Group A & B posts) Recruitment Bill, 2020 and the CADC (Forest) (Amendment) Bill, 2020”.

The celebration of the Day organised by the Chawngte Sub-Division Office in the compound of Baptist Boarding School was attended by Pu S. Kaptluanga, SDO(C), Chawngte as Chief Guest besides other heads of offices of Kamalanagar and Chawngte area. The school compound has been chosen as venue for the programme to avoid crowding by the public.

The SDO speaking stated about the grim situation we are passing through due to coronavirus pandemic and aggression posed by some of our neighbouring countries. He has appreciated the velour of our soldiers in confronting the enemy soldiers of our neighbours.

“To alleviate the suffering of the people in distress due to Covid-19 the government has been providing financial assistance under PMGDY and PM Kissan and by creating opportunities for employment under MGNREGS”.

He further stated that in spite of the hardship due to the pandemic the Chawngte-Ajasora road under PMGSY and Udalthana-Gulsingbapsora road under BADP will be completed within this year.

He has urged for communal harmony and mutual respect for each other’s religion and tradition while stating that Kamalanagar-Chawngte is lived by Chakma, Lushai, Lai, Bawm, pang and Tripuri people.

He also spoke about the announcement made by the government of India about the new education policy that is likely to come into effect very soon.

Press Release – 16 Aug 2011

Kamalanagar, 16th August: NLUP, the pro-poor people programme of the current Congress Government is finally taking shape in the Chakma areas of CADC in sync with the rest of the state. The Congress has pivoted their last election campaign around this pet programme. Having been voted to power with a thumping majority, it seems the Government is keened on delivering their promise.

Last Friday the 13th, a District Level Workshop on implementation of NLUP was conducted at Kamalanagar. The occasion was graced by the Hon’ble MOS Shri Nihar Kanti Chakma, the local MLA Shri Nirupam Chakma and Shri K K Tongchongya, CEM, CADC. Resource persons and officials from various line departments of the State Government such as the Fishery Department, Environment & Forest Department, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department, Agriculture Department, Soil & Water Conservation Department and Horticulture Department took their turns to enlighten the village representatives from around CADC. The exercise is to be only a part of the long process of capacity building of the beneficiaries before actual assistance is being doled out. As per scheme of things at least one more training is required to be undergone by the beneficiaries. The training would be trade specific one has selected for. The eligible beneficiaries would have to pass the training for getting selected. In interaction with the Jt. Director, Agriculture Department, govt. of Mizoram and Technical Adviser NLUP it was learnt that approximately nine thousands families have been identified eligible for assistance under NLUP in CADC. Out of these 75% would be covered under the Programme for assistance, highest in whole of Mizoram. Each beneficiary would not get less than Rupees one lakh depending upon the trade. Flow of funds would be in installments. Performance of the preceding installment would determine the release of the next installment.

Press Release – 9 Aug 2011

Kamalanagar, 9th Aug: His Excellency the Governor of Mizoram Shri M M Lakhera convened a meeting on Thursday the 5th with all the Chief Executive Members of the District Councils and their Executive Secretaries at Raj Bhawan. The meeting discussed various issues relating to the District Councils. His Excellency expressed his willingness to extend all possible cooperation in matters relating to development of the three District councils at par with rest of the State.

The Hon’ble CEM Shri K K Tongchongya on his way back home was accompanied by a three member team of Survey expert. The team would assess the feasibility of CEM’s long cherished dream to tap the potential of the rapid at Golasury, locally referred to as the “PITTI”, to address the growing problem of potable water-crisis at Kamalanagar. The project, if could be materialized, Kamalanagar’s ever growing population and other adjoining villages would have sufficient water supply for domestic as well as for agricultural purposes. The Team and the CEM, EM i/c Agri. and EM i/c PHE took a day long trip to the site on Sunday the 8th. As per findings of the survey team there is a difference of 12 mtrs in altitude between the “PITTI” and Kamalanagar over a distance of 40.6 Km. To quote the CEM, “It would be too early to comment on the aspect of feasibility of the Project. Further works and survey of other potential sites would continue”.

Press Release – July 2011

Kamalanagar, July: Shri K K Tongchangya, Chief Executive Member, Chakma Autonomous District Council and President, Chakma District Congress Committee, while unveiling a banner on the Developmental Works of the Government, highlighted the various achievements made across Chakma Autonomous District Council since assuming power in 2008. He termed the scale of success as phenomenal with its imprint in every villages around CADC, notwithstanding the huge burden of debt, to the tune of Crores, inherited from the previous MNF led Government. He was hopeful of compounding the pace of development within the time left before the next general election.

While addressing the gathering he exulted in the fact that it is they who brought dignity to the Office of the Village Councils with the erection of Village Court Buildings in every village except those of Kamalanagar area, which are at various stages of completion.

Projects to bring in infrastructural revolution in CADC are being pursued under the Ministry of DoNER. So far, a many a ten DPRs have been submitted, out of which Modernization of Kamalanagar Town (Rs.24 Crores), construction of Judicial Buildings (6 Crores) and construction of Kamalanagar College (Rs.3 Crores) have been retained by the Ministry.

13th FC awarded a sum of Rs.11.00 Crores in the current financial year for the construction of a new Secretariat Building and a Session Hall against which 1st Installment have already been released.

Rest Houses at various important locations are being expanded and new constructions are also taken up. The vertical extension of Chakma House at Aizawl got completed with a capacity to accommodate as many as 50 guests at a time. Chakma Rest House at Lunglei got renovated and Rest House at Kamalanagar was added one more story. Aizawl being the capital city have had always registered the highest flow of guests and accordingly construction of a four storied Annex Building to the Chakma House has been taken up to meet the ever increasing demand for accommodation. Lawngtlai, the District Headquarter has always cried for one and in the interest of the public one is being contemplated. These apart, Rest Houses within CADC at Borapansury and New Joganasury are about to be completed.

To preserve and showcase the Chakma culture and tradition, Cultural Hall cum Museum at the heart of Kamalanagar town is under construction at an estimated cost of Rs.5 Crores.

Longpuighat-Kukurduleya Road, connecting the two valleys of CADC, is being constructed, under NLCPR, at an estimated cost of Rs.17 Crores. 20 KM of formation cutting has been completed and permanent works are already in progress.

Since taking over from the previous Governement yearly earmark of fund under Plan Sector has jumped up from 25.00 lacs to Rs.1.00 Crores. Payment of salaries, in due time, to the CADC employees is being steadily stabilized. Towards streamlining the administration and setting right the distribution of manpower, a Committee has been constituted to review the CADC staffing pattern. A standing Counsel has been appointed to give legal advice to CADC.

Mr. Tongchangya dismissed all allegations of gross fund misuse in the Chakma Autonomous District Council area, made by Rasik Mohan Chakma, President, Chakma District Mizo National Front, in the Aizawl Dailies and stated them to be absolutely baseless and politically motivated with an eye on the forthcoming MDC general election to be held during the early 2013.

He said, “It seems all is not well within the CDMNF. I suspect the President is losing his grip over his own colleagues? First, it was an MNF affiliated MDC casting his vote in favour of a congress candidate in the election of the Deputy Chairman, held last year. Now it is the President himself making allegation of corruption charges against one of his own best performers, Sri Hiranand Tongchangya, a MNF MDC, who has consistently won for two consecutive terms under the MNF party. I wonder what he is waiting for, without initiating actions against the offenders. This obviously suggests CDMNF is ailing. Under the given circumstances it is quite natural for someone to behave as desperate, making baseless allegations”.

“The mega construction of the CADC Cultural Hall cum Museum, instead of being appreciated, has turned out to be a sore eye for the President. It seems he senses a threat in the good work done by the Congress led Government in the Chakma District area. Otherwise, why would he purposely distort fact, as only 50% has been released to the contractor out of the sanctioned amount of Rs.338.68 lacs on the basis of the work done so far? As for the issue of diversion of fund meant for payment of pay arrears (read salary arrears) of 2009-2010, would have been best explained by him. Reason? The said pay arrears accrued during his tenure due to his inefficiency. While we took over from them, we inherited a shortfall in payment of salary to Non-plan employees under CADC, against one and half months. We carried the burden till 2009-2010, when an attempt was made to rationalize the pay but unfortunately, due to misunderstanding, the funds were allocated under Plan Sector and hence could not be executed for the purpose sanctioned. Therefore, the reason to seek for diversion of the amount for the construction of the Cultural Hall and we were obliged under L/No.G28012/3/2010-DCA of 30th March 2011, duly signed by Under Secretary to Govt. of Mizoram, DCA. His dubious intentions to mislead the public can be read from this account”, the CEM said.

He added, “Since 2008-09 fiscal, funds allocated against maintenance and black topping of Kamalanagar town road are Rs.20 lacs (BRGF-2008-09), Rs.26.10 lacs (BRGF-2010-11) and 15 lacs (A/P-2010-11), thus grossing to Rs.61.10 lacs against his claim of 103.8 lacs. Is it to fool the public by inflating the amount to almost double the actual figure sanctioned? He should have also accounted for the 2 Crores sanctioned during 2006-2007 & 2007-2008 under RSVY during his tenure, for the construction of internal roads in Kamalanagar (150 lacs) and in Borapansury (50 lacs), to facilitate a comparative study of works done under the two terms. As for improvement works in respect of internal Kamalanagar Town roads, our share is far from over, which had to be stopped due to onset of an early monsoon and our stock of 164.04 qtl. of Bitumex and Bitumen at Kamalanagar-III will speak of our intention”.

He expressed his shock, “I am surprised, why Rasik Mohan Chakma cannot rejoice at the budgetary increase of fund allocation in the Agriculture-Sector under CADC. How can it be a point of contention for him? It would not surprise us if he makes a point against misappropriation of funds sanctioned under various heads to the Agriculture Department, CADC. I would rather openly take pride in the fact that we managed to convince the authorities in the state to make provision for increased fund allocation in the Agriculture-Sector, given the fact that 95% of our population are agrarian. It was this 95% who have mandated us to power and it is our bounded duty to facilitate their capacity to generate income in tune to their vocation”.

“Encroachment of Govt. land has been rampant during his term. Paskora Memorial P/S, a private school, established at BPS-I, in memory of his grandfather, was constructed in a Govt. owned teak plantation. Lands allotted for EM quarters at K/Nagar-II were also privatized but we salvaged them after coming to power. Even the official plot of land at Randhakpur, allotted for AH & Vety Department was not spared.”

“The kind of gross irregularities witnessed during his tenure could be inferred from the way he violated financial norms while handling the release of 1st Installment amounting to Rs.398 lacs, against the construction of Parva-Siminasora Road, under NLCPR. Opening of tenders and release of the whole sanctioned amount to the contractor were essayed on the same day, which too without the security measure of Bank Guarantee from the contractor.”

Press Release – 12 Feb 2011

Longpuighat 12th Feb, 2011: The Hon’ble Chief Executive Member, Chakma Auonomous District Council, Shri K. K. Tongchangya inaugurated the Longpuighat Circle Education Office today. This has been the second Circle Education Office being opened within a month, the first being at Borapansury.

The whole of Chakma Autonomous District Council is divided into three Education Circles namely Kamalanagar, Borapansury and Longpuighat. The arrangement has been in place since long back but successive Governments have failed to establish the offices here. By having established the offices, Pu Tongchangya stated that they have fulfilled one of the long felt needs of the people. He also added that the offices would be of great help to see the Right to Education Act being implemented properly. Besides it would also take the administration closer to the people and thereby contribute towards decentralization of power.