52nd CADC Day Celebrated

Kamalanagar, 29 April 2024: The Chakma Autonomous District Council celebrated the completion of 52 years of autonomy and self-governance at Kamalanagar, its headquarters, today. It was created   on 29th April 1972, under the 6th Schedule to the Constitution of India, following the trifurcation of the then Pawi-Lakher Regional Council (PLRC) into Lai Autonomous District Council, Mara Autonomous District Council and Chakma Autonomous District Council.

The celebration started with paying floral tributes at the statue of Dr B.R Ambedkar at the new Secretariat complex by the Chairman and Chief guest of the programme, Dg. Mohan Chakma, and other high-ranking officials of the Council. He ceremoniously unfurled the national flag accompanied by the rendition of the national anthem at the premises of CADC Secretariat. CADC councilors, officials, local NGO leaders, Village Council Presidents and dignitaries attended the programme.

In his address, the Chief Guest paid profound homage to Babasaheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the chief architect of the Indian Constitution, for his pivotal role in enshrining provisions for safeguarding the rights and cultural heritage of minority communities like the Chakmas. He remarked that had it not been for Dr. Ambedkar’s foresight, minority communities such as the Chakmas would have been struggling to secure the autonomy that has enabled them to flourish and thrive.

He also paid homage to the pioneering spirit and indomitable resolve of the prominent Chakma leaders namely Dg. Mediya Chakma, Dg. Baneshwar Chakma, Dg. Hari Kristo Chakma, Dg. Kristo Mohan Chakma, Dg. Atul Chandra Chakma and many others whose visionary leadership and invaluable contributions paved the path towards the realization of Chakma community’s autonomy aspirations in Mizoram.

During his speech, the Chief guest extolled the diversity of the CADC, where different communities like the Chakma, Tongchangya, Bawm, Pang, and Bru people have been co-existing harmoniously. He said this diversity of cultures adds to the beauty of CADC, making it more vibrant.  “To preserve our cultural heritage, it is essential that we uphold the principles of righteousness, unity, and goodwill towards others. Such values will foster further development within CADC,” he said.

Highlighting various developmental projects being undertaken in the CADC, including road construction under SASCI, and development of agricultural lands under the RKVY and North Eastern Council (NEC) since 2013, he commended the leadership of Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, the Chief Executive Member & MLA, Mizoram, for his instrumental role in implementing these projects.

He also expressed concern over the rampant misuse of social media platforms in the recent times, particularly in spreading negativity towards CADC. He earnestly appealed to the social media users to refrain from activities that are detrimental to the collective progress and development of the community.

In conclusion, he called upon every member of the Chakma community to nurture a competitive spirit to learn from the positive aspects of other communities, asserting that such mindset will enable us to march ahead towards the path of development on par with other progressive communities of the country.