DC Lawngtlai visits CADC; interacts with officials.

Kamalanagar, March 5, 2024: Dg. Cheemala Siva Gopal Reddy, the Deputy Commissioner of Lawngtlai District came on a one-day visit to Kamalanagar today, the headquarters of CADC, where he was accorded a warm welcome at the CADC Rest House, Kamalanagar, by the staff of the various departments of CADC.

There he held a meeting with the Executive Secretary of CADC and the Heads of Departments. He expressed concern at the abysmally low literacy rate (46.38%) of the CADC area which stood in contrast to the healthy state average of 91.33%. The Education Officer informed him the reasons; foremost among them being the lack of infrastructure with 70% of the schools being in dilapidated condition, along with shortage of teachers and inadequate avenues for higher secondary studies especially in the science and commerce streams. He also highlighted certain socio-economic practices which hamper the education of the children, such as the tendency of the parents to withdraw their children from the schools during the harvest season.

The Deputy Commissioner also enquired about the output of the primary sectors such as agriculture, fishery, poultry etc. and welcomed suggestions on increasing the output of these sectors.

On the health sector he was informed that CADC has only two Primary Health Centres, one at Borapansury which operates on the PPP model and lacks adequate facilities, whereas the one at Longpuighat is yet to be operationalized. He was also concerned about the relatively low rate of vaccination in the area and sought the help of the local officials in convincing the people of the area to undertake the vaccination of their children in order to help them lead a healthier life.

The Court President & Recorder requested the Deputy Commissioner to arrange for legal training to the staff of the Law & Judicial Department.