Covid-19: Fine System against defaulters of SoP & CAB

In view of the resolutions of the COVID-19 meeting held on 28th January 2022 at SDO Conference Hall, fine system against defaulters of SOP and CAB issued by the Govt. of Mizoram will be implemented with immediate effect

As per The Mizoram (Containment & Prevention of the Spread of COVID-19) Act, 2020, various fines to be imposed are as under:

Sl.No.OffenceAmount of fine (in rupees)
1Entering or staying at any public place without the use of mask.100
2Failing to maintain social distancing protocol/guidelines in public places.200
3Spitting in public places 300
4Organizing any social or religious event without prior permission from the competent authority5000
5Avoiding or attempting to evade quarantine and/or isolation at designated quarantine/isolation facility as per regulations/ guidelines/instructions in force from time to time3000
6Leaving or escaping the designated quarantine/isolation facility before completion of the stipulated time1000, may extend to 5000
7Failing to follow instructions/guidelines and endangering the safety of others while staying at designated quarantine facility 1000, may extend to 5000
8Failing to comply with any other regulations guidelines or instructions made by the Central or State Government for containment and prevention of the spread of Covid-19 including lockdown guidelines issued by the State Government from time to time 1000
9Obstructing officials from performing their duties 2000, may extend to 10,000
10Refusal or failure to cooperate with officials 1000, may extend to 5000
11Furnishing false information 1000, may extend to 5000
12Refusal or failure to provide information required for the containment and prevention of COVID-19 1000, may extend to 5000
13Refusal or failure to pay fines Imprisonment of not less than 3 months, may extend to 1 year