68th Republic Day of India Celebrated At Kamalanagar

Kamalanagar, 26 January 2017: Kamalanagar witnessed a colourful celebration of India’s 68th Republic Day organised at the Kamalanagar football playground. Pu Lalfakzuala, Sub-divisional Officer (Civil) and Chief Guest of the programme did the honour of hoisting the National Flag. Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya, CEM, CADC and Dg. Dayal Chandra Chakma, Chairman, CADC also attended the programme.

There was the ceremonial march past by contingents represented by CRPF jawans and school children of Udaygiri Higher Secondary School, Duloram Public Higher Secondary School, Radhamohan High School, Nirban Residential School, New Angel Public School, Vijoygiri Academy, Kamalanagar Public School, VL Dicky Foundation School, Kamalanagar Govt. CM School, RCM CM School and KMM CM School. Kamalanagar Public School was declared first, Duloram Public HS School second and Vijoygiri Academy third in the display of march past.The programme also showcased traditional cultural items presented by Art & Culture Dept., CADC, YMA Chawngte β€˜P’, YMA Chawngte β€˜L’ and Duloram Public HSS.
Pu Lalfakzuala in his official address emphasised the important role of the government officials and beneficiaries in the successful implementation of the govt. policies and programme. While urging all concerned to be sincere with their own responsibilities of executing govt. works he said it is the public ultimately who gets to enjoy the benefits of such policies and programme. β€œAn employee must realize that his service is in lieu of the payment he gets as salary. The same principle applies with the beneficiaries of jobcard holders, IAY, etc.”
In alluding to the unethical practice by students during exams he strongly urged the student community to work hard in their studies and not to depend on unscrupulous means to pass an exam. In addressing the students he said, β€œThe future will be your responsibility and it is important you achieve success by sheer hard work so that our next generation is in safe hand.”
He informed that AADHAAR Card registration has become urgent especially for the jobcard holders. Jobcard registration will get cancelled for those who do not possess a AADHAAR card after a certain period. He said, β€œThe govt. is planning to increase the number of operators for AADHAAR enrolment.”
While clearing a general misperception on taking a vaccine he said vaccine is not dangerous. β€œVaccine is important and necessary for prevention of diseases.”
While making an appeal to all to open a bank account at the earliest he said the govt. is going for a transition to cashless transaction in an effort to fight corruption. β€œThe government has already introduced e-payment system like EFMS/PFMS for making transaction pertaining to many govt. schemes. From February payment to jobcard holders will be made only through e-payment. Use of Cheque system will be phased out.”
Earlier in the morning at 7 am in the premises of CADC Secretariat Dg. Dayal Chandra Chakma, Chairman, CADC unfurled the National Flag amidst a gathering of CADC councillors, former councillors and CADC office staff. The CRPF provided the guard of honour on the occasion.
Speaking on the occasion Dg. Dayal Chandra Chakma made reference to the statement of the opposition leaders made in the YCA conference at Borapansury with regards to issue of appointment without advertisement and said, β€œThey have no moral right to comment on the issue. If they are really intent in spirit with their statement they would have taken measures to change the system when they were in power during their tenure.”He made mention of many works accomplished by the present government of CADC like Kamalanagar town bus service, blacktopping of Kamalanagar town road and approach road to new Kamalanagar College Building, installation of solar power plants at CADC offices and at new CADC Secretariat, introduction of MDC LAD Fund, resumption of driving school, facilitating HUDCO loan, launching CADC Trophy, etc.