MDC By-election In CADC Boycotted – No Voters Turnout

Kamalanagar, 4 June 2014:The Bye-election to Borapansury-II MDC constituency in Chakma Autonomous District Council scheduled to be held today had no voters turn out. This is was in response to the peaceful boycott of the election called by all the NGOs in protest against the MZP putting up a signboard allegedly claiming a large portion the land (2500 sq. m.) already allotted to Civil Supply Department, Govt. of Mizoram as was stated in the representation of the NGOs.

The MDC constituency was lying vacant without any representative since Dr. Buddha Dhan Chakma vacated it after he got elected as member to the Mizoram State Assembly Election. The constituency was provided with three polling stations and all the polling parties arrived to their respective polling stations in time. However, as per their report no polling agents of the candidates turned up for the election process.

Three candidates, Mr. Gyana Shankar Chakma from INC, Mr. Gyana Rattan Chakma from BJP and Mr. Bimala Ranjan Chakma as independent were in the fray. The constituency is comprised of 1737 voters.